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Hear that? could only mean..College Football is back!!


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  • Hear that? could only mean..College Football is back!!

    Well in less then 3 1/2 football stadiums will be rocking out on saturday nights and Lee Corso will be picking his "picks" with his usual flare...

    So what are your picks for the 2010-11 season for the college football season?

    I'm an SC..but...since they are going to be "taking" a Lonnnnnnng vacation (two years to be extact) and won't be playing of ANYTHING...not even the Pac-10 chamiponship...I will continue to watch my college team despite this setback.

    Will the crimson tide repeat? How will the Florida gators do without their beloved Tebow no longer there?

    Show your support for your team and discuss the 2010 college football here...

    and as always...Fight On!!! :sc:
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    Re: Hear that? could only mean..College Football is back!!

    I have no answers. I root for UDub and tOSU, and against all SEC teams.

    All I know is that preseason polls have no credibility, and yet are one of the inputs used (sub- or unconsciously) in the final polls.

    Oh, and Dufresne in the LA Times needs to stop referring to himself in the third person as "Rankman," unless he is referring to the other definition of "rank."

    UDub has a tough schedule this year: BYU, Syracuse and Nebraska. But next year they add a cupcake for the first time. Sad day when that happens.


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