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Remember the Blazers.


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  • Remember the Blazers.

    Remember The Blazers

    Time has been neither sweet nor sensitive to Greg Oden. It seems fairly apathetic towards Brandon Roy. That excitement in the city of Portland, that Team Of The Future, Team Of The 2010s – that seems to be just another narrative gone wrong. We’ve held onto it, as we usually do, but as microfractures pile over patellas which pile over meniscuses, even the strongest of grasps let go.

    Look, injuries are part of the game. We know they are. Sometimes they take greatness and confine it to a short period of time, as with Bill Walton or Elgin Baylor. Sometimes they just deprive us of greatness entirely, as with Shaun Livingston. We hate it, but again, we can do nothing, so we live with it. Barely.

    But this? Hitting down again and again and again on a spot so sensitive, one that we cared about so much? And for what? So Durant backers can be vindicated? They already were. So Minnesota fans won’t feel bad about their GM preferring Randy Foye? They already do.

    And so you take a team with so much promise, the Thunder that preceded the Thunder, the team everybody loved – and you drive nails into it’s knees. And that future, that wonderful, marvelous future, becomes the past before it even happened. Just skips that whole “present” bit in its entirety.

    Remember this. Remember, as you see Al Horford and Joakim Noah deservedly earn a combined 120 million dollars, that for that special night, even in a loss, Greg Oden looked better than the both of them. Remember, as you watch the new and diminished Brandon Roy labor around the court, still scoring, still leading, still damn impressive, that the old Brandon Roy was Kobe lite for that magical 08-09 campaign.

    Remember the Blazers. Their narrative was one to believe in, and that belief was found wanting. History will remember them as the team that could have been but wasn’t. But you know better. Remember them for the future that happened only in optimistic forecasts and Soccer Mom lairs, for the incredible will power, for winning games with their coach and half their lineup in a cast on the sideline. And pray that time’s twisted humor will somehow turn this around, that this somber chapter is just the crisis that precedes the climactic, heroic return of the Larry O’Brien trophy to Rip City.
    Read the whole piece at the link above^
    Waiting for Godot

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    Re: Remember the Blazers.

    Man if they would of drafted Kevin Durant they would be an unstoppable force right now.


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      Re: Remember the Blazers.

      The list of greats that almost played for Portland does astound:

      Bob McAdoo(a bit before our time, but I hear is was pretty darn good)

      Julius Erving

      Moses Malone(He actually came so close to playing for us there's a rare Basketball Card out there with him in a Blazer uni)

      Larry Bird(at least the guy they did pick over Larry turned out to be pretty darn good too, but still, he was no Bird)

      Micheal Jordan (at least Portland wasn't the only team to pass on his airness)

      And now Kevin Durant........(sigh)
      Waiting for Godot


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        Re: Remember the Blazers.

        Greg Oden is just like the Blazers, snake bit.

        Don't know why Portland has had so much bad luck. Maybe because their stadium is over an Indian burial ground?

        This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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          Re: Remember the Blazers.

          Maybe the Blazers will get LeBron:

          Anyone see the Portland Trail Blazers logo behind LeBron James at the half time show on TNT during... - Blazersedge


          Someone over at TNT Sports doesn't know their Basketball Team Logos.......not that I am surprised by that
          Waiting for Godot


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