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Staples Center Crew Video


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  • Staples Center Crew Video

    I stumbled upon this video made as a dedication to the Staples Center Crew that had worked really hard in between 4 NBA Playoff Games, 2 NHL Playoff Games and a bike race this past weekend:

    STAPLES Center Team - "Call Me Maybe" Cover - YouTube

    Since its opening in 1999, its been the main home of the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers and Kings. For the first time in its history, all 3 teams are/were in the playoffs this year. When the NBA Playoffs began and the Lakers and Clippers both made the semi finals, the Staples Center knew it would be extremely busy with the Kings in the Western Conference Finals in the NHL.

    Facts from this past weekend:

    6 Playoff Games in 4 Days! (2 each for the Lakers, Clippers and Kings)

    Agmen Tour happened on Sunday.

    250,000 Sports fans estimated to have been in Downtown LA.

    The crew worked more than 55,000 Hours!

    More than 1,750 employees worked at each game.

    My hat goes off to the hard working crew who worked hard!

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