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Olympic Opening Ceremony Team Uniforms


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  • Olympic Opening Ceremony Team Uniforms

    I didn't want to hijack the other Olympic thread with this question. I'm not even sure if "Sports Zone" is the appropriate place for a post about team uniforms but because it involves the Olympics, I'll put it here.

    I just saw the photos of the U.S. Olympic team uniforms by Ralph Lauren. Maybe it's the So. California, t-shirt, shorts and flip flops guy in me but I think if I were going to walk in a parade at the opening ceremonies in the heat of Summer the last thing I would want to wear is a heavy blazer, a tie and a beret. I would say open collars on the guys and girls, if they have to wear a jacket keep it light, maybe no head wear at all and no corporate logos like the polo player on the blazer.

    Since these forums are international, I'm curios to know how others feel. Whether here in America or abroad, whatever country you're from, are you happy with your country's team uniform for the opening ceremonies? Is there anything you would change about them?
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    Re: Olympic Opening Ceremony Team Uniforms

    It's London, so I don't know if the heat will be that much of a factor.

    The most telling part of this is that the clothing for the US Olympic team is being made in China.

    Of course, part of me says in this WalMart retail world where noone cares where their shirt is made so long as they can get it for five dollars less, it seems most appropriate.
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      Re: Olympic Opening Ceremony Team Uniforms

      So far, London hasn't had a summer, so hopefully, they won't roast in these outfits.
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