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Should the "Redskins" and other Native American mascots be retired?

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    Re: Should the "Redskins" and other Native American mascots be retired?

    Originally posted by CaliforniaAdventurer View Post
    Does not have to be Native American to be culturally offensive:
    Likely there is not any one thing that exists that escapes being considered culturally offinsive to at least peron or group on Earth. Therefore, it stands to reason that in the overall big picture, everything is culturally offensive. Contrasts in cultures are a necessary element that defines them and, to me, keeps the world interesting.

    In the case of the Middle East mascot imagein your above image, I think it reasonable to asume that the school considers it to be the positive emblem of their sports teams as sports teams, students and fans in general want their mascots to represent toughness, ability, and winning competitiveness. Regardless of how some may persieve the mascots, these sporting representations are actually a great complement of positive cultural intent.
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