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Packers, Lions, Bucs for real?


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  • Packers, Lions, Bucs for real?

    Wow, we are through the first quarter of the NFL season. There are some major suprises to start the year. For one the Chargers are 1-3 they lost more games in this month than they did in the 2006 regular season. There are 3 teams who are playing very well but will it last?

    The Green Bay Packers are undefeated at 4-0 Brett Favre looks like he is 28 again. The Mean Green D is playing well and they look great. They will make it last just wait and see. This as with all NFL predictions depends on the health of the starting QB. Favre the most durable NFL player ever can help me look smart here.

    The Detroit Lions said in the offseason they would win at least 10 games. Well they are on pace for 12. Kitna looks like he really knows how to run Mike Martz offense. Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson look like Torry Holt and Issac Bruce. Scary point here Kevin Jones is not back to 100% yet. Defense is not good enough in the long run I think they will just miss the playoffs 8-8. Kitna is the key to any chance and he must be protected.

    Lastly the team who is in trouble already at 3-1. The Tampa Bay Bucs, they are 3-1 to start the year and leading the NFC south. The bucs did just lose Cadillac Williams for the year and LT Petigout. So your number 1 rb and starting LT, your season takes a big hit. The o line was already thin in Tampa and now look out. The sky is going to fall on them. they will peak at 7 wins max.

    Let me know what you think.
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