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What the Red Sox Series Win Means to Me


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  • What the Red Sox Series Win Means to Me

    I realize I could have posted this in one of the two other threads, but it's a special story.

    I grew up in a mill town in CT, close to the dividing line between Yankee fans and Red Sox fans. My closest friend, John, I met the third day of second grade, and we were inseparable until we both left for college. I later moved just a block away from Norman.

    We all three were rabid Sox fans. How rabid? During the summer, we'd take the special train to Back Bay station, and sit in the bleachers for seventy five cents. Norman scored every single Red Sox game for over 30 years, having his parents tape them if the game was on during school. We lived, breathed, and mostly died along with the Sox' hopes every year. John and Norman were on the soccer team, and I'd always catch those games; all three of us were on the basketball team.

    John and Norman died within about six months apart from each other in 1996, with John dying first literally a week from when I moved to CA. I didn't find out about Norm until some time later.

    Neither one got to see the Sox win a world series. Neither did my father; my brother; or a number of people in my family or who were close friends through the years.

    To have lived long enough to see the Red Sox win it twice is an experience beyond words. I wish they were all here to join me in a bottle of Dom Perignon. I will drink it in their memory. Thank you, Red Sox organization, for making dreams come true!
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    Re: What the Red Sox Series Win Means to Me

    What a beautiful story. I know those kinds of stories are rampant within the Red Sox fan base, just as they were to a lesser extent within the Angels fan base until they finally won theirs.

    Congratulations to a marvelous team and their passionate fans for the 2007 World Series win.

    And I'm proud to say that my team lost to the best.
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      Re: What the Red Sox Series Win Means to Me

      Great, but sad story Wotan. I'm sure your friends are cheering - wherever they are!

      Congrats to your red sox.
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        Re: What the Red Sox Series Win Means to Me

        Very touching story-

        Congrats on your teams win


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          Re: What the Red Sox Series Win Means to Me

          My brother was a life long White Sox fan. He rooted for them from about the time he was 10 years old. My brother passed away in 1994. So when his "Sox" won the World Series, he wasn't alive to see it. I remember when the final out was made in the final game of that year's World Series. I glanced at my brother's photo and gave a little toast. We are ecstatic for the moment finally happening, but we are saddened by the fact that many did not live to see the moment.


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            Re: What the Red Sox Series Win Means to Me

            I too know know a great many Red Sox fans who never in thier lives saw them get the the ring.

            I can remember seeing the Red Sox as a kid, watching the Reds win in 7....1978, Bucky F***ing Dent, 1986 almost put me in a coma, and several other horror stories.

            In 2004 I felt like that was the greatest sports moment in History when the Sox won 4 straight rom the Yankees after being down 3-0. (The series for some reason just seemed anti-climatic)

            And Now this, Maybe the best team ever in the Red Sox Uniform?

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