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Run Disney Training Program help, please


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  • Run Disney Training Program help, please

    Hi there!

    Has anyone done the Jeff Galloway training programmes recommended on the Run Disney site? I want to do a Run Disney event, although I'm not sure which one I'll be able to do yet, so I just clicked on the training programme linked here to follow but, honestly, I can not understand it! If it helps, I am beyond the walking stage and able to run but only for about ten-fifteen minutes at a time. So, I want to skip the "build up to walking for 30 minutes" part and jump right into the running, but I can't tell what I'm supposed to do on each day and week.

    As an aside, I followed a sofa to 10k programme a few years back and I was thinking this would be the same, obvious build up of more running minutes each day or week, but I'm not seeing it here.

    Can anyone help?

    P.S. If there is a better place to put this thread, please let me know