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TR: Staples center, LA subway and the Clips get Pounded :-(


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  • TR: Staples center, LA subway and the Clips get Pounded :-(

    Having not renewed our Clipper season tickets this year I had been going through withdrawals about visiting my favorite team. Well at 4pm Saturday night hubby surprised me that we were dropping off the kids at Grandmas and he got us tix to the Clipper / Bulls game. I though I would share a few pics from the journey...which are not great since they are all from my phone.

    A very blurry North Hollywood subway station

    Subway/Train station advertising, I am sure they love the signs placed on top.

    The train had just arrived, and we sat in the Jack Bauer seat (for you non-24 fans that would be the last seat in the last car).

    We arrived at the 7th/Metro station and luckily the train was already there waiting.

    I love that Staples is the first thing you see when you come out of the subway tunnel on the blue line.

    Off the train and on to Staples

    The clips may not have any fancy championship banners or flags, but we do have fantastic lighting effects!

    We are very particular about where we sit at Staples, I perfer the upper concourse somewhere around sections 315-318. Next to pizza (more on that later), has a restroom, coctail bar, food and drinks, merchandise and escalator right there. In addition the outdoor area is only a short walk away. we were in section 315, which is off center...still great seats, especially from the first row.

    The arena was very empty (although it did fill up a bit more later)

    The outdoor area (some would call it the smoking area), was blocked off on one side with what one would assume was VIPs.

    They had several skylights, not sure all this was necessary for a Clipper / Bulls game

    and the red carpet was already out for the AMAs which would be at Nokia live Sunday (last) night

    Not too busy for a Saturday night game

    A horrible shot of the Clipper Spirit dancers in their PJs

    We actually left before the game was was too sad to stay
    Final score BTW Clippers 73, Bulls 92...

    On the ride home the redline was packed

    It was still great to be back at Staples rooting on my team in person.

    A little piece of heaven

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    Re: TR: Staples center, LA subway and the Clips get Pounded :-(

    It looks so different than when it's set up for hockey! We sat in section 318. I noticed the searchlights, too, and it seems excessive but they also seem to be a permanent setup.

    I love that view from the Blue Line, too! The guys were glad to get to Staples because they both needed a bathroom really badly and the stations don't have 'em. We laughed at the prohibition sign.
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