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Late hit penalty "enhancement"


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  • Late hit penalty "enhancement"

    After watching last weeks Seahawks - Bears game in which a Bears defender hit one of my Hawks after he was "clearly" out of bounds (2-yards easily), it occured to me that a simple 15 yards and auto first down just isn't enough for this kind of "un-sportsman like cheap-shot". I think a "flagrant-late hit", such as this one was clearly one of, should have an additional "posession suspension" tacked on. -i.e. the offender must take the bench until the offenses' posession has been completed and posession has changed. I think this is the only was to truly curb this unacceptable behavior. And if this doesn't work, suspend them for the quarter, and then beyond. The only intent in a flagrant late hit is to immobilized and injure a player (in my opinion). This has to be stopped.

    What do you think?

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