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How do you quit AOL


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  • How do you quit AOL

    I have an old AOL account that I have not used for a while and the computer that I had used is also gone. I'm still gettting tagged for a small monthly charge. Is there an easy, online way to quit AOL?
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    Re: How do you quit AOL

    You are going to be better off calling. They are probably charging for an old email address (earthLink tries to do this as well). Canceling online is not going to be an easy matter most likely but if you call they should be able to cancel on the next billing cycle.

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      Re: How do you quit AOL

      If calling doesn't work, I'd send a certified letter.
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        Re: How do you quit AOL

        How To: Quit AOL Using Highlighters

        This should help. AOL is notorious for not letting you quit without making it EXTREMELY difficult.
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          Re: How do you quit AOL

          How do you quit AOL ?

          Well, some people have tried entering the Witness Protection Program but even they were tracked down...........
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            Re: How do you quit AOL

            I had no trouble cancelling my account with them, and I have done it twice. Just call and cancel. They will actually let you keep the e-mail address. You just can't use them as a server to get on the internet, after you cancel.


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              Re: How do you quit AOL

              Yeah, Calling does work, you just have to keep at it. And make sure you arent using a cell phone or anything where you are paying for minutes, as they will keep you on the phone as long as possible trying to make you change your mind.


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                Re: How do you quit AOL

                i also called to quit AOL a few years ago, and they were very much into the hard sell aspect of keeping yoru around, jus tstick with it
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                  Re: How do you quit AOL

                  I didn't know AOL was still charging? We stopped getting billed ages ago!

                  It probably has to do with what Barbarann said - AOL isn't our primary internet.

                  Good luck!
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