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  • BLAB XML Feeds!

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    Hello all. I'm working on a Konfabulator Widget for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters attraction and online game. This widget will, among other things, display the current high scores for both the BLAB attraction and online game. I knew the information was online since you can see these scores both in the game and on the Disneyland website. So, after a little digging around, I finnally found the XML feeds:

    BLAB Online Team High Scores:

    BLAB Online Individual High Scores:

    BLAB Attraction High Scores:
    Just though you all might find this interesting. Next I'm trying to find the feed for the webcams that are in the attraction at Disneyland. The webcams appear in the game to give you an idea of where your attraction partners are in the ride. Since the cams must be online for the game to get them, I figure I should be able to display them in a web page or widget if I can get the urls.

    By the way, if anyone has any tips on creating Konfabulator widgets (its basically just XML and Javascript) I'd love to hear them, since this is my first attempt at widget creation.

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    Re: BLAB XML Feeds!

    Heh nice find. How's the widget coming? I just made my first widget this week for VF Radio =D


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