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  • E-bay Treasure Hunt

    Anyone out there doing this? It is totally and completely addictive- I don't think I will be able to leave my house for days! Maybe we could get together and try and solve the clues???

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    I tried figuring out some of those, but I quickly realised that I'm not near clever enough to find the item from such vague hints.
    An interesting concept, though.


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      I've been doing it! Some of these clues are insane and the answers make little to know sense! But it's ADDICTIVE!! :lol: I've basically been sitting in front of my computer and lugging my laptop around with me for the past couple of days... I've even got my family into it! Every time a new clue comes up I make an announcement and they all help by throwing out answers... :lol:

      I've gotten relatively close a couple of times, but usually I'm way far off base!


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        looks difficult...


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          This is NOT an easy time-consuming
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            Yes I might be able to help if i knew all the rules.... looks fun... how do you start and are the items marked at treasure hunt items when you find them.
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