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iTunes Recovery/Restore?


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  • iTunes Recovery/Restore?

    Ok all you techies, I have a good one for you. I'm somewhat confused about what to do right now. I obtained an external hard drive recently, plugged it in, moved pictures and music onto it...etc. Everything was great, the computer was less cluttered and everything was running smoothly...UNTIL I opened iTunes to download some music...dun dun dunnnn. Apparently I didn't get the memo about transferring music files along with iTunes or at least telling iTunes where the files could be found once on the external. So as of now, I have an empty iTunes library. I have most of the music files in My Music. I say most because some appear to be missing, but for the most part they are all there. My question is: Is there any way I can transfer my iPod to the iTunes? I know that's probably pretty hard to do. I already downloaded and tried iPodrip which did nothing. I would try doing it again if I knew what I was doing. Any help would be so very greatly appreciated as this has been "year of the computer problems" for me. Also I don't want to get started with just importing My Music/iTunes folder into iTunes itself. Too complicated in my opinion and I don't want to get into why either. Thanks!

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    Re: iTunes Recovery/Restore?

    Go into the iTunes settings page under the 'edit' tab, preferences, advanced, iTunes music folder location, change.

    example from the original drive:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Music

    to the back up drive:
    G:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Music


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