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  • Forum maker

    Anyone have any recommendations for software / information / how-to guide on how to get a forum up and running. I've been put in charge of getting one up and running at my company. We are a National company, but small and non-profit so it would have to be on the cheap.


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    Re: Forum maker

    phpBB is a popular free one

    vbulletin is very easy to use and what is used here.

    Getting the sites up and running is very easy - it's the customization (if you so desire) that requires all the work and know-how.

    vB is skinnable.. and you can get tons of color schemes or redesigns for cheap or free. There are also thousands of free add-ons.

    Is the forum for internal use or public use?


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      Re: Forum maker

      Thanks flynn...

      We won't need/want any fancy or pretty bells and whistles (like MC). It would most likely be for the public, with a section for members only.


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        Re: Forum maker

        Invision Power Board...

        Although the price is unbeatable for phpBB (free)

        Bear in mind that a SQL database running on your server is a necessity, as is having a system administrator who speaks SQL.


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          Re: Forum maker

          I use to run a phpBB message board. It was easy to setup and run.... However, it attracted SPAM at a unbelieved level. I had installed many of the anti-spam filters and it still kept pouring in.

          I can't speak for the other software but I would look at them first.
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            Re: Forum maker

            every site gets spam - its about mitgating it easily. Spammers uses humans in large numbers to both post and register - so there really is no way to block it all - just block the easy ones and quickly kill the other ones.


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              Re: Forum maker

              Has anyone tried Freeboards? Or Proboards?


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                Re: Forum maker

                I like better. that's why I chose it as a software. (who could have guessed)

                - Fast Reply boxes
                - easy to handle (admin and mod-wise)
                - fast software
                - lots of modifying capacities (I have to get into that tho)


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