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New camera: Canon Powershot SX200IS


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  • New camera: Canon Powershot SX200IS

    I have finally received my new camera. Took a lot longer than expected but hopefully it will turn out to be a good purchase. There is some belt tightening going on in our household so this will be the last toy until I get a new notebook after Windows 7 comes out.

    I need to get ramped up on this camera quickly as my daughter has a gymnastics meet on Saturday and we are headed to WDW in less than two weeks.

    My first impressions are all positive. I like how the camera feels in my hands, the size is perfect for a pocket (this is the reason I did not get a DSLR), power on is very fast and the delay between pictures is very short.

    Here are a couple of poor shots from my iPhone with the lens fully extended (EDIT: Had to replace those iPhone pictures, they were truly bad):

    I quickly realized that my notebook will not recognize the 8GB SD card so I'll be connecting via USB for a few months. I am going to crack open the manual this afternoon to understand the various modes, etc. I have pretty much always been an AUTO kind of person.

    I would also like advice on prepping images for display on the web. The camera is 12 megapixel and the images are sized 4000x3000 and nearly 4gb. In the two shots below I just resized them down to 1000x750 but I see other's photos that look great even when sized down and I am wondering if I am missing something.

    Here are two shots just out of the box on AUTO. The house is down the block and is zoomed in to the limit of the optical zoom (12x), I like this.

    The next one is no zoom, still on AUTO, will be curious to see if I can get a more focused shot after determining the correct setting to use.

    Last edited by Skawt; 04-29-2009, 11:26 AM. Reason: Replaced pictures of camera
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    Re: New camera: Canon Powershot SX200IS

    Thank you for the review and congratulations on the new camera!

    I have a 10 MP PowerShot. I almost never take photos at full resolution because it is just a waste of space and I rarely need photos that big. You can reduce the resolution and image size in the menu.

    Many of the posters on MiceChat upload their photos to PhotoBucket and resize the images to a more friendly web size. Although you can also use software which comes with the camera to do the same (I often use Picasa).

    Congrats and enjoy the camera!

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      Re: New camera: Canon Powershot SX200IS

      That's a nice camera.


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        Re: New camera: Canon Powershot SX200IS

        Nice camera and nice shots. Don't you just want to take photos of everything now??
        I have the PowerShot A650, which I completely love. Or did, until I dropped it on the cement in front of the castle at WDW. Now it still works great, but I have a permanent black spot in every shot. I guess I damaged something internally and will have to send it out to be fixed at some point.


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