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  • Lighting!

    I am new to these forums and did not notice any Lighting areas like in the Tech Forums,

    So I thought I would see if there are any Lighting other Lighting Designers and Programmers out there, I am a Lighting Designer and Programmer at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and I do Freelance work with other Venues.

    please if you are an LD and programmer share you venue or venues you have worked at like rigs or something.

    Current Rig I work on is a Martin Maxxyz Controled Rig

    Rig Details:

    Console: Martin Maxxyz with Ether2DMX

    8 Mac 300s
    6 Mac 550s
    6 elation Design spot 575Es
    4 Mac 2000 Performance Spots
    15 Mac 250s (13 entours, 2 250+)
    4 Mini Macs (2 wash 2 spots)
    4 Martin MX 4 Scanners
    8 Elation LED Bricks
    190 channels of ETC Sensor dimming

    the Venue also has a Childrens theater which Features 8 Mac 250 Fixtures 4 spots 4 washes and 68 ETC Dimming Channels the rig is controlled from a High End Systems Road hog console

    We also have a Multi Purpose Gym which also has 8 Mac 250 Fixtures 4 spots 4 washes, 78 ETC Dimming channels and is also controled from a High End Systems Road hog.

    another building is our Jr High Building which feattures 4 Elation Design spot 250 Pros and 50 channels of ETC Dimming, rig is controled through a Hog 1000 Lighting console

    last building is our Youth Center which has 4 Mac 50 spots and 58 Channels of ETC Dimming rig controled by an ETC Smart Fade ML

    for our Movie studio we have an ETC Express console controlling over 180 channels of ETC dimming and over 100 Studio Fixtures that range from Tungtens to Ellipsoidals and Pars to Soft Lights.

    Can't wait to see if there are any Fellow LDs and Programmers here!
    Lighting Designer/Programmer

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    Re: Lighting!

    Are you the Chris I'm thinking of? And if you are, ask Tim who I am... :lol: But, yeah, HI!!!!!!!

    I work lights for my school, and hope to eventually get some MACs and a Maxxyz compact. Yep, that's pretty much it for now...

    Lighting Techs Prevail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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      Re: Lighting!

      Wonderful thread Chris!

      I'm sure you know who I am and my lighting rigs


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        Re: Lighting!

        5500-seat stadium:
        12 Vari*Lite 3000 Spots
        6 Vari*Lite 3000 Washes
        18 Martin 1200 Architectural Exterior Wash
        6 Martin 200 Architectural Exterior Wash
        165 Altman Outdoor Pars
        32 Wybron Aquaram IT scroller
        6 Northstar HMI Underwater lights w/ Wybron Eclipse IT Dowsers
        135 Unipar PAR36
        36 Color Kinetics Color Splash LED Washes
        4 Lycian SX93K 3K Followspots
        6 Path-Port Ethernet-to-DMX units for waterfall and fountain control

        2 Redundant HOGIII PC computers with playback and programming wings, SMPTE and Super Widgets.

        2500-Seat Stadium:
        2 Rosco Delta 3000 Fog Machines
        56 Various Source Four fixtures
        Various water effects
        ETC Express 125 Console

        500-Seat Theatre:
        12 MAC2000 Performance II Profile w/ E-Ballasts
        48 ETC Source Four ERSw/ TwinSpin rotators
        16 Source Four PARs
        4 LeMaitre Bubblemaster Bubble Machines
        Jands HOG500 w/SMPTE-MIDI converter

        Seasonal Show:
        20 Vari*Lite 3000 Spot
        15 Vari*Lite 3000 Wash
        20 Vari*Lite 2500 Spot
        20 Vari*Lite 2500 Wash
        12 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes
        50 Diversitronics Egg Strobes
        48 Wybron CXI scrollers
        60 Source Four PAR
        25 Source Four ERS
        4 Le Maitre F100 Fog Machines
        2 Rosco Delta 3000 Fog Machines
        HOG II Console

        400-500 random ETC/Altman/LED/X-Effects scattered about...
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          Re: Lighting!

          sounds like fun :yea:


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            Re: Lighting!

            Lighting But then again you probably meant lighting programmer, so we're back to no. Not that I wouldn't love to learn all of the above.


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              Re: Lighting!

              Old School Designer. Programming didn't exist when I started. Big rheostat dimmers with levers the size of a Hurst gearshift.

              Moved on to solid state boards and dimmer packs, Still real-time, no "programming" capabilities. With cheaper processors and memory - the ability to store a program on of all things - a floppy disk. (remember those?) This was the last show I designed for, over seven years ago.

              I have had my hands on a DMX system with programmable instruments and RGB LED PAR's... just to check out (thanks to a friend still active). The state of the art is fun, I'd love to get back into lighting.


              I am Sambo, and I endorse this signature.


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                Re: Lighting!

                Has anyone found an easier way to change a pan belt on a V*L 3000? I have to pull all the wiring harnesses from both sides through the yoke and down the base to change the belt, which totally bites.
                Amnesia used to be my favourite word, but I forgot it.


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                  Re: Lighting!

                  Welcome to the forum and Enjoy...


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                    Re: Lighting!

                    Wow I didn't expect this much responces but COOL... NICE Rig Exprmnt, KAN I probably do know who you are but I am bad with Usernames, I am pretty sure I know who DisneyLD is but I could be wrong since I know a Few of those haha. if it's KC forgive me haha.

                    I don't work alot with VLs mainly because the rental houses around me charge more then I want to pay I try to stick with Martin since they have been very good to me through the years like giving me free stuff to use for some shows and and stuff like that.

                    so as to if I know of an Easier way to replace the belt on that VL probably not.

                    Anyone interested in the gear list for Grad nite Explosion? the LD (who is amazing) gave me the list and it's pretty nice.

                    The gear selection for Grad Nite Explosion at Sleeping Beauty Castle includes:
                    VL3000 Spots and Washes
                    MAC 2K Profiles
                    Color Kinetics Color Blazes and Color Blasts
                    Martin Atomic Strobes
                    H.E.S. Studio Spots and Studio Colors
                    MAC 500's
                    Elation Impressions
                    Barco Projectors
                    MBox Extreme Media Servers
                    Martin EX600's
                    Martin EX200's
                    GrandMA console
                    Lighting Designer/Programmer


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                      Re: Lighting!

                      I work with both Martin and V*L gear, and I have to say that I strongly prefer the V*Ls. They haven't given us as many problems, and when they do break down they are much easier to work on, IMO. Even though changing a pan belt is absolute misery on a VL it's nothing compared to changing a belt on the MAC 2K. I've seen the MAC III, and it's amazing. All the parts are easily accessible and the cooling system is vastly improved. We liked the GrandMA when we saw it, but our MLOs had a hard time working with it, so we may go to a Jands Vista T2 or T4
                      Amnesia used to be my favourite word, but I forgot it.


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                        Re: Lighting!

                        I agree Exprmnt, I find it alot harder to repair a big issue with a Martin if something happens than a VL where I work we use to have 13 VL Wash and Spot Fixtures but they were old and went through the construction and referb of the venue so we sold them off we bought Elations which I personally would not have baught we got the Elation 575Es and i don't know of a month where all 6 of them worked at once so far 5 of 6 work and another fixture is now giving problems no big deal to fix but I mean come on lol.

                        I myself loved the VLs, we had a nice coverage of the stage and alot of fixtures to work with for the size of the stage.

                        I was able to see the Mac 3 as well both at LDI and at a Martin open house event in burbank, the fixture was placed next to a VL 3500 and it beat it with color, brightness, Zoom speed and over all Pan and tilt speeds. Brian Gale was at the open house and I think he regrets choosing VLs for Fantasmic on the island towers. I think that the show looks great with the VLs though I also wouldn't think he would be able to fit many Mac 3s on the island towers since they are massive. I also think VLs can withstand more Weather beatings.
                        Lighting Designer/Programmer


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                          Re: Lighting!

                          Disney and my company share very similar challenges when it comes to choosing fixtures, namely being outdoors in a hot, somewhat humid environment. Do you know how hard it is to find an outdoor-rated ellipsoidal fixture? You can buy outdoor enclosures from Tempest, but each enclosure is more than twice the cost of the fixture itself, not to mention how large it has to be. Eurgh, how I miss the days of working in a theatre again sometimes!
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                            Re: Lighting!

                            I totally understand where your coming from, It is very hard to find a Good Automated Fixture that can both give you what you want and need and yet still be able to withstand some crazy weather conditions.
                            Lighting Designer/Programmer


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                              Re: Lighting!

                              Haha Chris, it's Jeff, not KC.

                              For the VL pan belt, make sure the wire harness comes out of the bearing and loops back towards the fixture through the pan belt. I know that was really confusing, it's hard to explain.
                              I've had a VL 3500 eat me, I was replacing the front lens of the wash fixture and it's bigger than my head. I can stick my entire head inside the fixture, that's crazy. Long story short, my head was inside the fixture and it lost DMX, so it homed on me, haha.

                              As for a weather-proof mover, I think Syncro-lites are the only ones? Someone correct me if I'm wrong. You could always do the Tempest Hurricane enclosures like mentioned, but they're a couple grand. You could also go for the rain mac:
                              Product - RainMAC