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What paid iPhone/Touch app did you just get?


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  • What paid iPhone/Touch app did you just get?

    We need a house resource for iPhone/Touch apps are worth getting.

    I'll start off with one.

    I set up a home theater PC and was looking for a new small keyboard to control it. The ones I like ran anywhere from $90 to $150 for a killer Logitech unit the size of an iPhone.

    Well, I did some looking and found Air Mouse in the App store.

    You install a server on your pc that connects with your iPhone/Touch over your wifi.

    iPhone Mobile Air Mouse

    Instantly transform your iPhone or iPod touch into an air mouse, trackpad, and wireless remote for your computer! Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch. Our air mouse uses the built in accelerometer to translate your hand motions into mouse movements on your screen. It can also operate as a trackpad, allowing you to control your computer with a single finger. Suddenly your iPhone has become an essential part of any home theater PC and a presenter's best friend. Using an innovative application notification system, the iPhone will always know what applications are running at any time and show the appropriate keys for that program, providing you with a single screen for controlling ALL your media and web applications.

    - Accelerometer based air mouse
    - Trackpad (full screen vertical and landscape modes)
    - Media keys & Web keys
    - Application notifications - Remote keyboard with function and arrow keys
    - Programable hotkeys (can be set to run a program or keyboard combination)
    - Scroll pad
    - Multitouch gestures (scroll & right click)
    - Modifier Keys
    - On screen typing
    - Password protection
    - Custom sensitivity settings
    - Foreign language keyboards
    - Supports Bonjour or static IP
    - No screen size limitation. Works with multiple monitors.
    - And much, much more. View our demo video to see all that Mobile Air Mouse can do for you
    So far it works extremely well. I'm only using the touch controls now, but once I get used to it, I'll try the air settings.

    The app recognizes what program you are using and defaults the buttons to the appropriate settings. When you go to the media button, it will control whatever media player you have open.

    Highly recommended for $5.99!
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    Re: What paid iPhone/Touch app did you just get?

    Well, I practice fortune-telling. Always have. I doubt the accuracy, but I noticed yesterday, as I downloaded an I Ching application (you shake it to flip the yin-yang coins!) that I have several applications related to future-casting. I have a rune reader and a tarot reader as well.

    I am addicted to scouring iTunes at all of their apps!

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      Re: What paid iPhone/Touch app did you just get?

      The WDW Dining app, preparing for our WDW trip :thumbup:

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        Re: What paid iPhone/Touch app did you just get?

        Sound Grenade Pro


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