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Unable to Download ... anything


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  • Unable to Download ... anything

    Well, not anything. I can download from Itunes and my recent Windows/Itunes update.

    But anything else, I can't download.

    Last week it was a program and I thought it was just that. But then today I was trying to download a word document for the Round-Up and it wouldn't let me do that either.

    Anybody have any clue as to why? I don't think it's my anti-virus stuff since that hasn't changed recently. I've also been okay with BitTorrents and such. Just not direct downloads.

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    Re: Unable to Download ... anything

    Is this your home or work PC?

    If you get this message in the next 30 minutes, PM me. I can help.

    It's 6:57 PDT on Monday right now.


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      Re: Unable to Download ... anything

      It's my home. PM sent.


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        Re: Unable to Download ... anything

        Hopefully you were able to arrive at a solution already?

        I had a similar experience recently where I couldn't download and I couldn't get into the itunes store and the anti virus software wasn't able to update.

        I ended up uninstalling quite a few programs to free up memory. That seemed to do the trick. I'm not sure but I think some update to Internet Explorer caused most of my problems so once I uninstalled it, everything else worked fine.


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          Re: Unable to Download ... anything

          What Operating system are you using?
          What browser are you using?

          With that information it may be easier to figure out what's causing it.

          Some possibilities:
          1. Too much stuff on the hard drive. Try uninstalling programs you aren't using any more to free up harddisk space.
          2. Cluttered and fragmented harddrive (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disc Cleanup... let it remove everything. Then download JK Defrag and run jkdefrag.exe. It will defragment your harddisk much better than the windows tool can.
          3. If you are using IE and have quicktime installed it could be an issue with quicktime plugins. This has happened before and can be fixed by uninstalling quicktime and removing a key from the registry manually.
          4. If you are using IE, download Firefox 3 and see if that helps. Much better to use it than IE anyway as IE is severely unsafe.

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