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Favorite iPhone apps?


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  • Favorite iPhone apps?

    So I finally got my grubby paws on an iPhone last weekend. I've downloaded some apps, but I'm curious what some of you that also have iPhones or iPod Touch have and consider your favorites.

    They can be free or they can be paid.

    Let's discuss!

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    Re: Favorite iPhone apps?

    No one? really?


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      Re: Favorite iPhone apps?

      Slacker for streaming music

      Simplify Media for streaming my iTunes library from home

      9-Toolbox for a bunch of handy app's like a tip calculator and such

      Bread and Milk for a shopping list

      Midomi for sampling music and finding the artist

      Remote to control my iTunes at home

      Wattpad for a ebook reader

      unblock me free for a sliding brick game
      Be controversial

      Be outspoken

      Be outrageous

      Just don't be boring


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        Re: Favorite iPhone apps?

        I really enjoy Zombie Survival when I'm bored or on a long road trip with my ipod, its a fun addicting defense style game where you build up different types of turrets to protect your home.

        AOL radio and Pandora for when I'm looking for something new to listen to.

        Audiobooks for free...Audiobooks obviously, of classic or free literature.

        I'll probably end up adding more, I have a bunch of other fun little apps I downloaded recently.

        "A boy and his dragon, a bond that can never be broken"

        Probably the most HTTYD obsessed person here. =3


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          Re: Favorite iPhone apps?

          These are the ones I have so far:

          Urbanspoon - random restaurant picker
          Mr Poot - fart app (yeah I'm 5 years old)
          Shazam - hear a song on tv or the radio but don't know what it is? Fire up Shazam and it'll tell you.
          Facebook - no explanation needed
          Paper Toss - how many times in a row can you toss the paper wad into the trash can?
          Tap Tap Revenge
          RepairPal - gives you estimates on car repairs so you can see if a garage is trying to rip you off or not
          Cheap Gas - finds the lowest gas prices in the area
          Weather Bug
          The Weather Channel
          Lightsaber - because the inner Jedi in me cries out sometimes
          Currency converter
          Tip Calculator
          State Farm - for my insurance
          WDW Wait Times
          MyLanguage translator
          I Can Haz Cheeseburger - LOL Cats
          Green Bell & Cowbel Fever - cowbell apps (because I'm a Rays fan)
          Polarize - take a picture or use an existing one and convert it into a Polariod
          Eye Tricks - optical illusions
          PhotoBox - photo editing
          Photo Filters
          Zippo Lighter - virtual lighter
          Trapster - alerts you of speed traps
          Beer Brands - 7800 kinds of beer
          Mixology - drink recipes


          ...and so on and so forth...


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            Re: Favorite iPhone apps?

            my favorite apps are

            Pano: amazing panorama app. super easy to use.
            GotPlanS: Disneyland app with wait times, chat, menus, schedules and a lot more



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              Re: Favorite iPhone apps?

              Lose It
              All recipes
              Urban Spoon
              Bubble Wrap
              Tap Tap revenge
              Phone flix

              and when I was at wdw-WDW Dining

              Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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                Re: Favorite iPhone apps?

                Ok I am currently addicted to the Arcade Bowling (skee ball) app. I got Super Monkey Ball... wow that game is hard! Took me 3 or 4 days to get past the tutorial and onto the regular game. LOL!

                I got some iTunes gift cards for my birthday this month, so I used them to get a bunch of the paid apps I wanted. Besides the aforementioned, I like:

                Quad Cam - takes 4 shots in a sequence and makes a composite of those 4 shots.
                iBeer - because it's silly
                Camera Flash - adds a virtual flash filter to photos
                Camera genius - lots of filters
                WifiTrack - picks up hidden wifi signals the regular wifi tracker thingy doesn't
                Color Splash - you load a photo and it turns B&W, then you add color to the parts you want colorized.
                Cowbow Slingshot - free app... shoot rocks from a slingshot at bulls as they charge at you
                Pig Dice - free app... roll the dice to try to reach 100 before the computer
                iGrocery - grocery list


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