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  • Photoshop

    I need help. I need to merge pictures of real buildings with either real or fake pictures of a roller coaster. (Real or fake coaster, that is.) I am trying to create an image of what a real location would look like if there were a roller coaster built there. What are my best options for trying to do this quickly and easily? Furthermore, if there is anyone who just knows how to do this, would you be willing to make it happen if I supply the pictures?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Photoshop

    If you have photoshop already there are a LOT of great tutorials out there. That's how I learned. Just do a google search for "Photoshop Tutorials" and you should find what your looking for.


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      Re: Photoshop

      yea, tutorials are pretty easy to find
      but from what it sounds like, you need to separte things into different layers. Like a layer for the whole background, a layer for each building (with no background), and a layer of a rollercoaster photo (just the track with no background). then organize the layers so that some of the buildings are on top of the coaster and some behind...use the different lasso tools in order to separate the buildings from the original background and make a new layer via copy after the building is selected. do the same for the track....hope that helped...
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        Re: Photoshop

        Search on Youtube for Photoshop tutorials, that's how I learned photoshop


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