For those who don't know, the USTREAM broadcasting app is now available for free on the iPhone.

It pretty much turns your iPhone into a live streaming webcam, except you don't need to have or be near a computer, and it works wherever you have WIFI or 3G.

I know it's been done before from someone on these forums with a WAN-enabled netbook, but imagine all the *LIVE* video trip reports we can now do from Disneyland or the other Disney parks.. all from our phones!

I've done a few test runs on the app: the video quality of the stream is what you'd expect from a phone streaming on a 3G wireless network. and the stream is about 5-6 seconds late (a little faster on WIFI), but the sound transfers over fine and the video is actually quite watchable. i also did notice that my iPhone started to get a bit warm after streaming for a bit.

not exactly sure how long this will last considering there are so many piracy doors that can open (broadcasting live at exclusive events/concerts, people finding a way to "expose" themselves, vulgarity/profinty, etc.)... so while it's still up, working, and legal. sounds like it could be a nice option for live trip reports at our favorite parks..