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Converting from Palm OS to the Latest Cell Phones


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  • Converting from Palm OS to the Latest Cell Phones

    My Palm Treo is starting its death rattle. I have an ungodly amount of data on that thing and the computer, all in Palm OS, which is itself a dying system. I want to join the new iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Palm Pre world, but it looks like no matter what I choose, transferring over all my contacts, calendar, tasks and memos is going to be difficult.

    Has anyone here gone to the one of these newer systems from the Palm OS without losing all their data?
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    Re: Converting from Palm OS to the Latest Cell Phones

    Actually, yes. I just upgraded my phone from the 755p to a new Motorola Droid.

    Transferring contacts, and calendar were a snap since I use an exchange server for my company email. When the first sync happened all of my contacts and my calendar were immediately available. Memos and tasks are a tiny bit more difficult. First you would have to decide what memo and task manager you wanted to use and then do importing from there. I found that only about 5 of my 20 memos were actually something that I needed to keep and I could import them as text files that I pulled out of the Palm Desktop.

    Tasks being a fluid thing, I just re entered the ones the I was currently in need of.

    It took a short while to get used to the way the new UI worked, but that would be with any new phone you got, Palm or otherwise. It took me all of about 2 days to fall in love with the Droid if for nothing else, the built in Google Navigation and voice recognition.

    If I can answer any questions about it I would be more than happy to.


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      Re: Converting from Palm OS to the Latest Cell Phones

      I would suggest Palm Pre its UI is great (sprint or verizon wirleess) it comes with a converter via and online backups everything on your phone minus pictures.

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        Re: Converting from Palm OS to the Latest Cell Phones

        I second the Droid recommendation. Very easy to use UI once you get the hang of it.

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          Re: Converting from Palm OS to the Latest Cell Phones

          I would have gone for the Palm Pre, however, Verizon wanted to charge me an extra $30 over what I was paying for tethering because the Pre only tethers as a hot spot. I'm not sure how people would find the cost increase justifiable since it's still the same bandwidth. The Pre would have cost me an additional $720 during the contract life if I would have gone with it.

          So if tethering isn't an issue, then the Pre might be a good choice for you.


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            Re: Converting from Palm OS to the Latest Cell Phones

            contacts/calendar/etc should be easy if you sync to something in the middle.. like Outlook. Then your new device will just sync to Outlook and pull down what's in it.


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              Re: Converting from Palm OS to the Latest Cell Phones

              I and my father were both long time Palm OS users and the switch to Palm's new webOS (we each have the Pre) is very simple. It is a little indirect (webOS does not directly sync with Palm Desktop) but smooth.

              My mother on the other hand switched to BlackBerry and the process of moving has been rather cumbersome and difficult.


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