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    Just in case the more imaginative wishful imagineers would like to express their ideas please do so here.

    Its possible your concept may be used in some manner at a Disney park so be realistic, consider the overall appeal, time to build, impact study upon either removal of an existing ride or to be built new upon a park with free space available (ie,WDW or such) and of course having the unique Disney signature so that kinda rules out off the shelf coasters, tilt a whirls etc.

    Concepts should be freestanding and new not something added to an excisting ride such as the DL Peoplemover.

    Concepts can be Pixar or Star Wars themed but should offer 20 year or more guest draw in (POTC, HM etc.)

    Even complete radical concepts such as a totally owned Disney island nearby Miami that could easily handle the Disney Cruise ships and have enough land area to rival or exceed WDW (WDW Magic has and excellant forum on that concept alone)

    OR viable expansion sites globally such as a domed Disneyland in Canada, or far future concepts such as a space elevator to a geosyncronus orbit of a Disney theme park Space station.

    If Disney cannot retain visionary imagineers then its possible the fans here can offer concrete viable imaginative and more specifically immersive Disney adventures.

    Thank You everyone that wishes to post here, NOTHING is just takes a little bit longer to achieve.
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    I have an idea for a ride based on a kid's toy. The rider sits inside of a transparent ball and the ball rolls freely down a spiraling chute (like a water ride, but this ride would have no water). The ride would start from the top of a tower and roll down the chute to the bottom. It could have several different chutes: one low one with gentle curves for the faint of heart and some taller, faster ones with tighter curves for the more adventerous. The riders would walk steps or take an elevator to the top of the tower.

    I suppose the ball could have gimbals mounted inside to keep the rider upright during the descent.

    I haven't figured out how to stop the ball at the bottom. I suppose there could be an up ramp at the bottom with a big cushion at the end that would slow down and eventually stop the ball.

    Sound interesting? Or lame? Be honest...
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      I would think if its going to roll down a tube then at certain parts of the ride air can be directed to move it up a ramp or even suspend it momentarily and then lower it or use it as a braking action.
      Thats a good idea, it could even have a definate mouse maze aspect, OTOH having it a long duration type of ride may present a problem with breathable air but if its just a roll down a chute and possibly have a dip and then a hill it would give the riders some hang time or weightlessness, the only actual full tube areas I think that would be needed are the braking and the return (empty) back to the top either by positive or negative air pressure pumps or even a combination of them....good concept! no track, no wheels, no motors save for the return pumps, not bad...

      Got a name in mind? its your idea and its a fairly unique one at that!
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        Ooooo...I sort of forgot about the breathable air aspect of it! DOH! I guess holes could be put into the ball to take care of that one.

        I like your idea of using air to do various things to the ball. Only thing is that the ball and rider would no doubt be pretty heavy and would require some major air to lift/move. I invisioned the ball having a chair with straps in it in case something went wrong! Suppose we could use elevators instead...

        Hmmmmm...just had another thought. Remember the movie "Contact"? Maybe we could drop the balls from a tower into water and then....nahhhh! One leaky ball would shut that ride down in a heartbeat!

        good concept! no track, no wheels, no motors save for the return pumps, not bad...
        Thanks! It's one I've been kicking around in my pea brain for some time.

        As far as a name goes, I'll think on that...

        BTW, I'm curious; do you work for Disney or are you just collecting ideas for grins? I don't care either way...just curious.


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          Nothing is impossible, it just takes longer...

          What if this idea instead of being enclosed was a totally perforated type of round ball? and yes it would have a seat system on a weighted gimbal that for the most part kept the riders upright..

          But you get launched by a pneumatic piston (same speed as a good RNR coaster takeoff) and you then shoot around a "pinball zone" you have a radio control inside that can activate flippers to enable you to possibly get higher points by pushing you towards a high score bumper zone, basically you are at the whim of an oversized pinball machine that is a high thrill or E ride potential...a theme could be something of a Tron aspect? Trapped inside a pinball machine? Average ride length depends on if this ride is a single ball or if it becomes a "pinball alley" of 4 balls at once trying to get a high score. Ideally it would be a 2 person ride but I think 4 could worked actually pretty good with all 4 riders in a square with their backs to each other. Optimum excitement when the ball collide with bumpers or other balls. Not fast or hard, really kinda slow maybe.

          The riders would be of a teen type and a ride height restriction would apply.
          (I think Six Flags would like this idea)

          A smaller version is available that allows children to run inside a ball to move it around a play zone, the inside has padding and safety sized holes so fingers don't get pinched, probably the balls are about 4 foot diameter of PVC material.
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          "Time And Relative Dimension In Space."


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            That might be an interesting twist on the idea. Maybe have a 2 or 4 person ball where each person has some task (one steers, the other does the gas and brake) and they have to work together to get their ball to a certain goal, or knock an opponent's ball into a pit of boiling lava...well, fake lava anyway! Some interesting potential there.

            I have another idea for you: How about a roller coaster where the the track ahead of you is broken and your car plummets 50+ feet to the ground...yet you somehow keep going and finish the ride in one piece. Sound interesting?

            Here's the deal: Most roller coasters are of two types.
            1. The type where you ride a car on tracks beneath the car. American Eagle, Mickey's Barnstormer etc. etc.
            2. The type where you're suspended from an overhead track. Superman The Ride etc.

            My idea is that the ride first appears to start out as a car type and is pretty mild at first. After a "normal" coaster ride experience, the cars come around a quick corner where up ahead the tracks in front of you are broken and the cars are heading toward a huge 50ft drop to certain death! You hear brakes squeal and voices shouting emergency etc. Well, you hit the hole in the tracks anyway and your car falls out from under you. Yet you remain in your seat and continue on. How? The upper track that your seat is attached to of course!

            I'm sure this is all doable. The question is, would it be worth it? Would riders get nothing out of it after the first ride? Would it be too scary?

            The key things are:
            1. Disguise the upper track so the riders can't see it until they're past the point where the lower track ends. Might need a tunnel to do this.
            2. Find a way to return the dropped cars to the loading area.
            3. Find a way to keep riders in the loading area from seeing the returning riders on a suspended ride instead of a car type ride.
            4. Somehow plant the idea in the rider's mind before they get on the ride that something will go wrong - without revealing the exact secret beforehand. This might mean that all or most of the ride has to be an indoor one.

            Any thoughts on this?


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              Sounds like an Indy themed minecar its a coaster ride?

              Universal has a combo coaster ride in the Mummy, should Disney try to outdo Universal? Forgive me if I sound critical but I have never been a coaster fan. The only coasters i like are the ones that actually have a minimal coaster and massive theme, its a ride that everybody has...but few have good themes (except IOA Dueling Dragons plus the other one?).

              A Disney immersive themed adventure ride/show...something that would last generations, the imagineers 45 years ago had the "right stuff" and I know Eisner has castrated all original thinkers but we still have our freedom of speech.

              A new era is coming, Eisner is leaving, hopefully Disney can rehire the truly creative talent it used to have years ago and start anew, totally new concepts. And frankly I see no future of a Pixar partnership so I'm kinda into digging around with a few concepts that has nothing to do with any current coaster, skyshot or spinner involement.

              I actually think Mission:Space is a mild failure, it had a potential but went astray plus the effects of the ride were not fully evaluated. A ride that subjects the body of possible harm is out of the question, granted any ride has a danger its having one that has a marked degree of inherent safety designed into it, what is the safest ride ever built? The Haunted mansion? possibly....why not something similar? With the news of a possible Tron remake it could be interesting if a building was set up with riders being immersed inside a malicious virus program, its a thought...the riders get laser scanned...inserted into the computer...get hijacked on a cellphone virus...tracks down the bad "code" gotta be interesting to finalize who or what the bad guy is though...the cars are Indy/Dinosaur type? or a Doombuggie style? perhaps the kind of effects used for Spiderman at IOA? probably the best way to really give the sense of illusion as Spiderman i can ride over and over and everytime its awesome!
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                Sounds like an Indy themed minecar its a coaster ride?
                I invision it as a coaster ride, but it doesn't have to be. I guess the idea, through illusion, is to make it appear that the tracks in front of the car have some sort of problem. Like a break in the track...something like that. You could really apply the idea to any sort of ride...coaster or not. Perhaps a minecar ride, like in "Temple of Doom"?

                Hmmmm...a Tron themed ride. That sounds interesting. I'm not aware of any ride like this anywhere. Are you? I'm surprised Disney hasn't done something with that yet...there's tons of potential there.


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                  Re: Mice Imagineers Club-MIC

                  You should make an "Incredibles" Rollercoaster.

                  It would be like a floorless coaster and the riders go "flying" through the sky.

                  Maybe each coaster can represent each family member of the incredibles.

                  So there would be 5 coasters that would be all unique.

                  For Example....

                  Jack Jacks coaster would be very gentle and something enjoyable for the little ones.

                  Dashes coaster could be the fastest

                  Mr. Incredibles could have the most Powerful amount of air time....

                  But I do not know what you would do with elasti-girl or violet.

                  But hey I think that is a good Idea. Maybe it can be put in DCA or Disney MGM in Florida.


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                    Re: Mice Imagineers Club-MIC

                    Mrs. Incredible's Coaster could be super curvy and twisty- like her flexibility.

                    Violets... maybe a hanging coaster so you can't see the track under you? (It's "Invisible"?)


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