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Wireless Router Help


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  • Wireless Router Help

    I'm currently using a netgear rangemax wireless router (model is WPN824v3).

    For the past couple of nights I started having issues connecting to the internet. Either my computer wasn't detecting the router at all or it'd be connected, but there was no internet connection. Usually it'd be one or the other for several hours (as in no switching back and fourth between no router connection and no internet). Restarting my computer didn't really have an effect, so I would try rebooting the router. It would work for a few minutes at best, but then I would lose internet again or not be able to detect the router. Eventually I just go to bed and try again the next day when I come home from work. I would reboot the router and then things would be fine except after 2-3 hours my problem would be back.

    I would try to reset the router, but I did that two weeks ago to make set-up easier for my apartment mate. I'm pretty sure it's not an ISP thing, because if I'm hooked up directly to the router I have internet and a few weeks ago I ran a test with my service provider and it appeared everything was ok on their end. Also I have a dell studio laptop running windows 7, my apartment mate has a macbook, and I've also got an iPhone 3GS. All three have issues connecting to the internet.

    I tried updating the firmware and messing with the encryption settings and such, no dice. I'm not even sure if it's a settings issue to begin with because I've been able to connect to my router and get a fast internet connection perfectly fine before for the past couple of weeks (albeit with the occasional router rebooting). It's even more odd to me since I have changed virtually nothing when I first set it up and it was running fine. My computer pretty much stays in the same place just one room away and the router stays in the same place too.

    These are my current settings:

    Internet IP Address - get dynamically from ISP
    DNS Address - get automatically from ISP
    Router MAC address - use default

    Channel - 06
    Mode - Auto 108mbps
    Security - WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK[AES]

    I've tried googling some solutions, but it seems the source of the problem with people experiencing the same issues is different from mine so I have no idea what to try. Any help or suggestions would be a great help. Thank you

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    Re: Wireless Router Help

    Try a different wireless channel. Either 1 or 11. If you live in an apartment building chances are your area is flooded with other radio signals.


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      Re: Wireless Router Help

      ok, will try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

      "How do I depreciate this rock?"


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        Re: Wireless Router Help

        That is the most likely problem. The other problem would be people with wireless phones in the 2.4 gHz band. That can cause issues with 802.11g. If that's the case, you're kinda out of luck.

        If you have an android phone or possibly iphone you can download a wifi analyzer and see which channels are in use and which are not. Choose one with no use or low use for a better signal.


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