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Help with a SanDisk 4g SDHC Card


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  • Help with a SanDisk 4g SDHC Card


    I'm having some issues with one of my memory cards. I bought my memory card from Walmart, this one to be exact, and usually, cards work right out of the initial opening so I never really format them before use. (I should probably start doing so after this technical problem.)

    But my issue is that the card is reading "memory card error" right now. My brother had used it in a camcorder and it started to record some video clips to the card, then halfway through his usage, it started to read the "error" text on the camera whenever he tried to record something else. So I tried to transfer these files that he had recorded to my laptop, but I wasn't able to, and I was not able to delete these files from the card either.

    I'm on a Mac, and I've tried to manually delete these files from the card via my usb card reader (but they keep coming back), and I've also tried to repair the disk through the disk utilities program that's on here as well. I am not able to format the card in the camera that it was being used in, or in any other camera. (I've tried the camcorder, and 2 different Canon point-and-shoots.)

    Is there any way I can fix this card so I am able to use it again? I threw away all the packaging (because I assumed it would work right out of the package, like I always think) and I'm not sure where the receipt is. (If I were to find the receipt, I think I might be able to send it off to SanDisk since I just bought this card a few weeks ago). Right now, I'm just looking for any options that I can try to do here at home.

    If anyone can help, thank you so much in advance!


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    Re: Help with a SanDisk 4g SDHC Card

    Several possibilities...

    It's not compatible with the camera so it only half worked causing the error.
    The camera was shut off before it was finished writing to the card causing errors on the card.
    It was the wrong format (NTFS or FAT32) for the camera/computer
    It was simply a bad card. They do make millions of them, bad ones occur every so often.

    You can try reformatting it completely (lose what's on it). This may correct any errors on it. However, if it is a bad SD card, once you reach the bad sectors it will glitch again.

    If that is the case, the best option is to return/exchange it. With tech stuff, it's always wise to hang onto packaging for a week or two just in case... you never know when you'll get one of the bum items that sneaks through.

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      Re: Help with a SanDisk 4g SDHC Card

      If you're just looking to reformat the card and not recover the files, try this utility: End User License Agreement - SD Association

      Inside the zip file there is a file for mac osx.

      If you're trying to recover the files, then you'll need a utility to scan the card. Something like TestDisk Download - CGSecurity

      Good luck.


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        Re: Help with a SanDisk 4g SDHC Card

        Have you tried formatting it in disk utility? Also try repartitioning it in disk utility as FAT. Not Mac OS Extended.

        If you need a good movie/photo recovery app, try treasured. It's Mac only and amazing. You can preview your recovery before paying for it. Saved my rear on some precious startours footage.

        Fix corrupt video files. Recover footage from damaged disks and cards



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          Re: Help with a SanDisk 4g SDHC Card

          I had a problem similar to this. I popped a new SDHC card into a DSLR camera and took umpteen dozen photos. Right at half way through I got a memory error and could no longer read or write to the card.

          As it turned out - the camera did not support SDHC, only SD. The High Capacity cards can be used in SD devices until the format boundary is reached, then the device continues to use the chip as a standard SD and writes into a disallowed area of the High Capacity formatting thus crashing the chip and rendering it unformattable or recoverable. (got this from the manufacturer) I sent it back and they replaced it with a SD chip.

          First thing I'd do is check your camcorder specs and see if it can use a SDHC chip...


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