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Hotmail not receiving all incoming emails - any help?


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  • Hotmail not receiving all incoming emails - any help?

    Got a tech question for you folks. My Hotmail account has not been receiving all incoming emails for a few months now. Some are getting thru, but not all. Anyone know how I can contact Hotmail to remedy this problem? I've looked all thru their Help section and can't find a solution, but hey, that's Microsoft for ya.

    I tried experimenting with my other email accounts thru other sources to see what is getting thru and what hasn't, and yes Hotmail seems to be blocking a bunch.

    I've been to the Windows Live help section, and posted on their forums, but haven't gotten any help yet. Does anyone know if they have some online form you can fill in and submit to them? Or reach them by email? I'm guessing probably not, but just checking anyway.

    I think this problems started sometime in the Fall, maybe around October.

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    Re: Hotmail not receiving all incoming emails - any help?

    Does Hotmail have SPAM filters? If so what is under your control?


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