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Experience with an iPad, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air dilemma


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  • Experience with an iPad, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air dilemma

    Just thought I would share my recent experiences with my iPad and dilemma in selling it. Maybe it might help other who are considering and iPad or MBP 13".

    I had a iPad on day one. Found many great uses for it. But one issue I ran into repeatedly was it would have trouble loading long forum threads. Expecially with photos. It just didn't have enough memory to load everything. Also its not really practical for typing. Yes it can be done, but you really need a bluetooth keyboard to really get your typing on. Unless you type by sight, then picking at the keys is the same. At the same time, i had a 2006 macbook pro 15" that i used to watch movies in bed but it would over heat very easily in summer when playing HD video's. I also used it for work when out and about. So I considered selling the MBP and iPad and get a Macbook Air or MBP 13". The main factor was which one could handle HD moves and not over heat. I was also leaning toward the Air cause it was a good fit between the MPB 15" and iPad. I eventually went with the Air because i heard many reports about the latest MBP 13" overheating due to the Sandy Bridge chipset, power hungry cpu and the Intel 3000 video now right on the cpu. All factors that generate more heat. The tech side of me was bothered spending this kind of money on a Air tho with an out dated Core 2 Duo cpu, but the form factor and ability to remain cooler was that important. Also the Air has a higher resolution screen and SSD hard drive.

    After having the Air for 3 days, I feel I made the right choice. I can still do everything I did on my MBP but I can carry it with me just like I did with the iPad. And the Hard drive is very impressive. Everything loads more than twice as fast. It boots in 10 seconds or less. Plus it has the instant on feature so I can close the lid and it is able to hibernate for up to 30 days. Kinda like what people with iPad's do. They just put it sleep and not actually turn it off off. Also the Air Its dead quiet. And with the multitouch trackpad, I can navigate websites faster then I could on the iPad. The one thing I wish it had was the backlit keyboard. I do miss it. But since I type by feel, Its not crucial. I definitely don't miss the DVD drive or ethernet cable. And if I really needed it, apple makes a usb version for both.

    Hope this might help someone with their buying choice.


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