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  • StacheBook - Where Fashion and Technology Meet

    If you're like me you take time now and then to browse some of the amazing projects trying to get funding over at Recently, I came across a project that seemed pretty and wanted to share it with you.

    The StacheBook is an iPad case/cover that is bound like and looks like a real book. The idea of being able to hide my iPad in a case like the StacheBook is kind of inticing but if anything I'd be interested in one as cool and fashionable accessory. Im not really worried about getting robbed like the guy in the video. The project creators are trying to raise $30,000 which seems kinda steep to me but I don't know that much about what it takes to make something like this.

    What are your thoughts? Is this something you'd invest in?
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    Re: StacheBook - Where Fashion and Technology Meet

    I'm not a case type of gut but I would love to use that for my old new iPad
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