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HELP- Need help opening a site's videos!!!!!!


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  • HELP- Need help opening a site's videos!!!!!!

    Hi everyone,

    I am kind of desperate.
    There is a site that I found with videos from Tokyo Disney Resort.
    Unfortunately, i can't seem to open the videos.
    Everytime I open the link for the videos, it says a script error has occured, and asks me if I want to continue opening the page for the video. I do, saying yes, and the video screen shows up, but NOTHING plays.

    Here is the site-

    The site is from Japan, and it doesn't really display english, so on the main page, it shows options at the top.
    go to movie.
    then click one of the links of the left hand column, and it should bring up a picture of the right side. click that and a popup window will appear. drag your mouse across the writing and click it. The video should then pop up on the left side of that very same window.
    this is where I get the error message.

    this only works in internet explorer or sbc browser.
    Firefox wouldn't even open it.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: HELP- Need help opening a site's videos!!!!!!

    I was able to get it to play on my computer

    It's a streaming Windows Media movie.

    I'm assuming you have Windows XP, it displays a link to download Windows Media Player 9. If you're using a Mac you may not be able to play it, I can't test it right now as my Mac is upstairs and runs OS 9 not X.

    It may have been the server was busy when you tried to connect, it takes a few moments before it played for me it streamed at 360kb, the videos worked fine for me.

    If its not playing for you it may be:

    1. Your firewall
    2. Try now, the server may have been busy
    3. You don't have a new enough version of Windows Media Player 9
    4. You may not have waited long enough for it to start streaming. What speed is your connection? Mines a 4mb DSL.


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