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Itunes, what do I down load the music to?


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  • Itunes, what do I down load the music to?

    ok, so you are looking and some one who does not know anything about MP#'s or ipods etc. my question is, I want to have my favorite songs on a player so I can listen any time I want with out having to scroll thru a cd, and or cassette. Whats a MP# player? is this an ipod just a different name? will itunes down load music to a MP# player, and next, whats a pretty good player to have?
    with out a fancy price that is. you know at leasts holds 200 songs, but is inexpensive. thanks

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    Re: Itunes, what do I down load the music to?

    another question...... can I down load music to a mp3 player from itunes, or do I have to have the ipod ?
    is itunes the best down load site?


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      Re: Itunes, what do I down load the music to?

      iTunes only works with the iPod line (this actually an issue in France at the moment). There are programs that allow iTunes to be used with other MP3 players. Depending on the iPod they do a bit more than just play music. If you just want music I would look into the iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano.

      iPod Shuffle - This has no screen and only allows you to play songs in the order uploaded by iTunes or on Shuffle mode. As with all iPods it can double as a USB drive. Sizes are:
      512MB - $69 - 120 Songs
      1 GB - $99 - 240 Songs

      iPod Nano - This is the very small and skiny iPod. It comes in either black or white and has a tiny color screen. Songs can be played by Artist, Genre, Album, Shuffle, Title, and your iTunes Playlists. You can store images on it too, as well as other computer files.
      1 GB - 240 songs - $149
      2 GB - 500 songs - $199
      4 GB - 1,000 songs - $249

      Much more information can be found at Other MP3 players vary in their functionality, but iPod is the one designed to work with iTunes and the most common. I really don't know about the offerings of any other companies.


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        Re: Itunes, what do I down load the music to?

        iTunes downloads only work with the iPod, and vice versa. iTunes is a GREAT player, but you can only sync and transfer music to an iPod through iTunes.

        From what I hear Windows Media Player 10 is great and is hooked up to some good music download places, but don't take my word for it, as I don't use it.
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          Re: Itunes, what do I down load the music to?

          Aside from iTunes there is Yahoo! Music. You can not use an ipod or iTunes with this service. Find it at unllimited downloads for $6.99 a month! Cant beat that price! Although it is a subscription based plan, which means at the end of your subscription all your music that you have saved on your comp will go bye, bye as opposed to iTunes which is a flat .99 a song no subscription. So depending on your budget then decide. However I use an ipod video and only use iTunes. I prefer the ipod and iTunes, its just easier to use though the initial upstart (i.e. ipod) can be a bit expensive depending on the features or number of songs you want.

          Just lettin you know of other options out there as well. Let me just say though you just cant beat the ipod.

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