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Laptop Wireless Connection- RIP


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  • Laptop Wireless Connection- RIP

    Hi guys,

    I have been trying to get my wireless fixed on my laptop with no success. I have the built in wireless along with paid Verizon national wireless.

    About a week ago, it just froze while I was here on MC. I restarted and it took several attempts to actually fire up. After I got back in, it died again. I then did a hard shut-down and started it up again. This time it didn't even recognize the wireless card was inserted.

    Since then I unistalled the Verizon wireless card, but I still can't get it to work with my built in wireless thingy. I am running XP and it is a HP newer laptop.



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    Re: Laptop Wireless Connection- RIP

    k, I think it is fixed. I will check back tom.


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      Re: Laptop Wireless Connection- RIP

      good luck


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        Re: Laptop Wireless Connection- RIP

        If you have the Verizon Wireless Broadband card (3G EVDO) it is a totally seperate service - the wireless built into the laptop is most likely 802.11B (or G, or both...) Ethernet. Shouldn't be any connection between one and the other.

        (There are a few Panasonic Toughbook and IBM/Lenovo laptop computers that have the 3G-EVDO card built in, but nobody buys those except corporate users and government agencies...)

        Been there, Done that... If it still won't work, try the VZW Broadband Support people, they can walk you through what's wrong. 866/788-9387

        Oh, and you can get a good VZW connection from the Plaza Pavillion upper covered patio, nice tables and chairs, sit with your back to the wall for a bit of screen privacy and people-watch the traffic on Main Street. :geek:

        And there's a secret hidden power outlet there you can use for the laptop, too. (If you can't figure out where it is, get a drink of cold water and think about it or ask me in E-mail.)

        Bring an 8-foot white grounded extension cord so you can sit a bit away from the outlet. The flat-cord style rolls up nicely into a little bundle in your backpack.

        --<< Bruce >>--
        There's No Place Like


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