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  • Lost Cruise photos Help

    Hi guys and gals,

    I wondering if I could ask you guys and gals for some help, My friend recently lost her cruise photos. She accidently deleted them. Right now I am trying to figure out how to recover them. I am trying to think of everything to do and no luck. Do anyone have any ideas? At the very least, I don't want to buy a program, if i find a way to get back withou that but I am open to it.

    Thank you,

    Your pal,

    Monkey Joe
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    Re: Lost Cruise photos Help

    there are programs out there that can recover them but they cost $$$, i have one but you would have to send me the memory stick... i will do it for free, otherwise go to bestbuy or something similar they have data recovery programs they charge by the megabyte...

    as long as she deleted them by accident and doesnt take any more pictures she should be ok... some pics cannot be recovered but most can
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      Re: Lost Cruise photos Help

      It may not be too late if they have done nothing with the card. Don
      t load it into a camera, don't try putting it in a compiuter again, period.

      Because the file system is a holdover from the old FAT system from early PC's - when you "erase" a file, all you do is mark in the Index that the file folders where the data resided are able to be written over with new files.

      The pictures are more than likely still there - they just overwrite the first few bytes of the data file to flag the string of blocks as 'empty/reusable', and they erase the record in the index for it. The end of each block has a flag showing where the next block of the file is at, and that usually isn't touched.

      Recovery programs can often get the file back intact - whatever was in those first few bytes that were overwritten are toast, though that's usually just the filename.

      This is why you have to use a "DOD Multiple Overwrite" data deletion program to scrub the floppy disk or hard drive (or flash card) clean before sale or disposal, to make sure the information is totally and irrevocably gone.

      Even if you do a simple reformat and a single overwrite it would stop the casual snoop from seeing the old files - but somebody who REALLY wanted to recover the information could spend the money and/or effort to do it.

      Now if they removed the data card with the camera turned on, all bets are off.

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