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  • HUGE Pictures

    Ok, is there anyway that we can request if people post pictures they re-size them. If they use photobucket they can be re-sized quite easily and most hosting sites either re-size automatically or its easy to re-size.

    But these huge photos make my eyes hurt.

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    Re: HUGE Pictures

    Really? Your eyes hurt because of the picture size? You should get that looked at, seriously.
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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      Re: HUGE Pictures

      the photo resizing in photobucket sucks as it tend to pixelize the photos making them hard to see.

      My recomendation is to resize them yourself in photoshop or similar program.

      I usually resize them to 640w x 427h and try to keep the file size between 40k and 80k. that way they load quickly

      pic taken with Canon EOS 20D (by my wife), unretouched, 640 x 427 (86k)
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        Re: HUGE Pictures

        i noticed that photbucket has changed their resizing. It's now got a list of four, two I remember say mesage boards (but the make it too big) and email (that size is good)

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          Re: HUGE Pictures

          Irfranview is a great program for resizing photos and its a free downloadable program

          i've forgotten how to change the settings on my digi cam, so i just open my photo folder up in Irfranview and change them to 600x400ish there.
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