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Looking for a small Point and Shoot


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  • Looking for a small Point and Shoot

    I guess either the Photography Club is a little (well maybe a lot slow), so I thought maybe someone else somewhere else might have an idea for me.

    I currently have a Fuji S602, bought it in 2003, great camera, but, but there are sometimes I want a small, pocket-size Point-and-Shoot to just take snapshots quickly.

    I've been looking at the Canon SD600 and it looks pretty good, also, though not as small the Canon A530 and A540.

    Any experiences with any of these cameras, as well as a recommendation on any very small, yet quality camera much appreciated. I can get the SD600 for about $260, (the most expensive of the group) and I would like to find a camera in that price-range.

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    Re: Looking for a small Point and Shoot

    Hmm...well I love my Kodak V530. I bought it at Target when it first came out and paid like $300 for it now its a good deal at 249.95

    I'm serious when I say its no bigger than this picture! It's a great camera.

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      Re: Looking for a small Point and Shoot

      Regarding the cameras you listed - besides size, the main difference between the SD 600 and the A530/540 is in the type of battery they use. The 600 uses a proprietary battery. The 530/540 uses AAs. I don't know if that's a concern for you, I just mentioned it as something else to think about.

      I haven't tried any of these specific models, but I currently have a Canon SD550 which I believe is pretty similar to the SD600. I LOVE it! I love the fact that I can keep it in my pocket and whip it out quickly to take a snapshot. Any bigger camera and I'd have to keep it in a separate bag, which is not as convenient for me.
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        Re: Looking for a small Point and Shoot

        I love my Casio Exilim. Little, easy to use, has some settings on it for low light and all, and it's easy to upload to my computer and all.
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