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  • Ipod help with playlists

    Like many, I downloaded the new version of itunes, version 1.7. It also has an update to the ipod software, version 1.2, which I downloaded.

    I listen to a lot of podcasts (love 'em!). However, since downloading, I noticed a change:

    Before the new version of the software, I was able to select "music", then "songs", select shuffle, and then listen to any one song or podcast, and it would continue to randomly mix podcasts and music, which I loved.

    After the new version of the software, I do the same thing, and it only plays a podcast if I start with one, and then only music. If I play a podcast by going to "music" then "podcasts", it plays one podcast, then stops.

    I just want my ipod to shuffle music and podcasts like it used to. There is a button on the software that says "reset settings", that indicates that it is to be used if you are having problems, so that should take care of it, right? When I press that button it says "WARNING - ALL MUSIC AND INFORMATION ON YOUR IPOD IS GOING TO BE ERASED."

    If no one here knows the answer, is there a good message board, or place I can look for the answer? I tried the apple ipod manual already, and this is frustrating - it takes about four extra steps to go to the next podcast, which is not what I want while driving!

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