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Tech help need with VMK


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  • Tech help need with VMK

    Ok I have a technical issue running vmk:
    My computer has a 3ghz processor and 1024mb of RAM. Running on Windows xp home edition and IE 6.0. My issue is that when I play vmk the game seems to run very slow, for example when I play the haunted mansion game or fireworks game I get sent back to the lobby before even getting to play every time. It's like my computer is not processing the game fast enough. I did ctrl, alt, del and it looks like my CPU usage for IE maxes out at 100%.
    I have connected the same cable modem up to my lap top and played, and every thing works fine, IE only uses about 60% max. The laptop has pretty much the same specs with the exception that it only has 512mb of ram and has windows xp pro.
    So my question is How come the game won't run as smooth on my desktop, which has more RAM, as it does on my laptop? And what could be causing IE to show 98-100% CPU usage?
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    Re: Tech help need with VMK

    I'm no expert, but to me it sounds like an issue with your video card. Perhaps the laptop's video card is more powerful than the desktop. VMK is a very graphics intensive game, and the type of video card you have can greatly effect your gaming quality.

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