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The Mac Users Thread


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  • The Mac Users Thread

    Yes! It's a place for all Mac users to huddle and talk about Macs, Apple, iPods, whatever, over some digital starbucks!

    Have a question, ask it! Want to talk about opening up your new Mac mini, tell us! Just include pictures!

    Also, you get bonus points if you have an Apple bumper sticker on your car.
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  • #2
    I've got a Mac SE dual-800 KB floppy.
    -Monorail Man


    • #3
      Currently I have a 6 year old iMac running 9.0 but as soon as Tiger ships I will be getting a G5. Seems there are quite a few of us Mac people here (see Figments OS poll). Even though I have had some issues with this machine, (had to reformat the drive last summer) I would never own anything else... no matter what the price.

      I don't have an Apple bumper sticker on my car but I do have two of the multi colored Apple stickers on my side windows... does that count for the extra points?

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      • #4
        Does 8 Apple stickers on a company van, including two of the largest Apple stickers I've ever seen (really a multi-part stick on) count?


        • #5
          I'm using an eMac that replaced my old Performa. I have a Mac sticky on my work notebook!

          Macs rule!!!!!


          • #6
            My Apple History, I have owned or own :-

            Mac Classic - sold
            Mac LCII - sold
            Performa 5200 - sold
            Original Bondi Blue iMac - sold
            iMac DV SE - Graphite - sold
            iBook - Indigo - sold
            iMac 15" G4 - Flat Screen - sold
            PowerBook 12", 768MB, Airport, Bluetooth - My current laptop
            iMac G5, 20", 1GB, Airport, Bluetooth - My current workhorse

            Original 5GB iPod with real buttons and a wheel that goes round - I still have it and it still works great
            10GB iPod - sold
            20Gb iPod - sold
            40Gb iPod - sold
            60Gb iPod photo - current BIG iPod for long times away from home, etc
            4Gb Pink iPod mini - my partners
            4Gb Blue iPod mini - my little work buddy
            1Gb iPod shuffle - on order

            Plus many, many, many other pieces of Apple kit including :-
            QuickTake 100 Camera
            Apple CD drives
            Original Newton
            iPod socks

            And of course all the software !!!

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            • #7
              I have a dual proc G4 with tweo hard drives, 17 inch flaqt screen. I love my Mac more than my PC. I just wish the software was not so expensive.
              Member 216


              • #8
                I think I'll buy the Mini Mac this week as a second computer. My roommate (a Windows freak) bought one this weekend and LOVES it. He may even become a Mac addict like Ian.
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                • #9
                  We have:
                  -Powerbook G4 12 inch, 512 MB RAM and all the fillings (my computer)
                  -20GB iPod 4G (my iPod)
                  -iPod mini silver (my sister's iPod)
                  -iPod socks

                  We may be getting a Mac Mini to replace one of our old Windows computers. We are probably going to wait until the 2G version of it with Tiger.


                  • #10
                    I only use Macs at school... nice new Emacs with OS X and crapy old macs that are expensive paperweights...

                    I would like a Nice new mac.. but dont have the cash.. not even for mini Mac....

                    I have an 20gig iPod.... i love and use constantly...


                    • #11
                      Owned an Apple IIGS, Mac LC, Mac Portable, Performa 600, Duo 210, Quadra 650, Duo 2300c.

                      I got out of it and moved to PC about the time iMac appeared, which was fine as the designs aside from the G4 Cube were looking more and more childish. Recently, a co-worker's Powerbook G4 interested me enough to buy an old G4 PowerMac from the colored plastic days, although this PowerMac is a respectable shade of gray, thank goodness.

                      Overall, the OS is interesting enough, but I don't know the ins and outs of it like I did the old OS, so it's basically an email & MP3 machine. I still maintain a top of the line PC for video work and any other heavy tasks.

                      Those where the days... When men were men, and men's computers were beige.


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by MickeyMania
                        When men were men, and men's computers were beige.
                        That should be your sig line. Perfect!
                        MiceChat 101: Be NICE! If you don't play well with others, you are in the wrong sandbox.

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                        • #13
                          Oh yea, I forgot to mention this:

                          I'm soon gonna be helping to buy 5 Powermacs and 2 iMacs for the school (my video teacher is buying them for our studio next year, and she asked for my help in configing them, because the tech guy at our school can't stand Macs.) Powermacs for Avid and Final Cut Pro, iMacs for Final Cut Express and iMovie.

                          You know your a geek when you get excited over that kind of thing (though I think most of the excitement came from her telling me I'm gonna be producer for the first ever West Ranch TV broadcast later this semester )


                          • #14
                            We own a power mac G4 with what could possibly be the worlds largest monitor (I cannot even lift it- too bad the flat screens cost as much as the tower!) and a 40 gb photo iPod which is the neatest little gadget ever. We are going to look into a mini mac since my husband has been wanting to get an iMac to hook up to his g4, this might be a cheaper (and faster) alternative, and the iPod shuffle. I llok forward to the day when Macs are seen for what they, are, the most stylish, sophistocated, and user friendly computers out there! (Ever notice how in almost every tv show or movie, the computers they use are macs??? its starting.....)
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                            • #15
                              G5 Laptop?

                              Does anyone know if or when Apple is coming out with a G5 Laptop? I work with them at my school. I love mac's, except my comp at home is a dell! Disney should use mac's in the parks and resorts because they seem more professional and just look better. I've always been a Windows guy, but since I started using Mac's at my school, primarily 10.3, I wana buy one for college. Hopefully they'll have one out by then.

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