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The Operation Has Timed Out When Attempting To Contact


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  • The Operation Has Timed Out When Attempting To Contact

    Why do I get so many of these "timed out" error messages when navigating around micechat? Is it my computer? It doesn't seem to happen at any other websites/message boards I go to nearly as much as here... :confused:


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    I just got that a couple of times today as well. Seems to be fine now though..
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      Originally posted by JonathanIT
      Is it my computer?
      I don't think that it's your computer. I think that the sever has too many requests at that moment.
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        I've been having this problem over the last few days as well. It sometimes takes me 2 or 3 tries to load the site. I thought it was just my browser, but apparently not!
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          I seem to have similar problems. I click, and nothing happens, but if I stop it and re-click, it loads right up. It's not just you.
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            When you get a "time out" it's because the micechat server took too long to respond to your computer and your computer gave up. Probably because there's too many people accessing micechat at one time.
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