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HDD Camcorder with Good Low-lighting Capabilities?


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  • HDD Camcorder with Good Low-lighting Capabilities?

    So I'm actually looking to pick up a new camcorder, specifically for Park footage and was wondering if anyone knew which brand / spec works the best in low-lighting environments such as dark rides.

    I recently picked up to test out the Sony HDR-SR1, which is the HD camcorder with a 30 GB HDD and I found that low-lighting only works well with the nightshot on. I just dislike the green tone, plus being able to see more than I should. For example, I took it on Haunted Mansion and was easily able to see the storage area where the musical instruments are hanging, on the recorded footage. I like the camcorder, but the AVCHD format is a bit annoying right now. Even though for my non-editing requirements, it works because I can just import to my computer in HD format and burn to a disc I can play on my PS3 and the easily convert the file to MPEG-2 to upload to google.

    So my question really is, does anyone know if any other camcorder might work better with a certain setting or a certain brand for these sort of conditions?

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    Re: HDD Camcorder with Good Low-lighting Capabilities?


    At 15 lux, the HC3 lost a significant amount of color information. Noise increased a great deal. We wouldn’t say it ran rampant across the screen, but it was impossible to ignore. The noise obscured some of the finer details. The HC1 was much dimmer, with less color information, less sharpness, and more noise.

    The Panasonic PV-GS500 managed to produce a sharper looking image with finer grain noise. The color information was much less present, however. This also affected color distinction. The Optura 600 had less color than either the HC3 or the GS500 and noise was also comparatively worse. All the Optura’s saturation seems to have left it at 15 lux. The DVD505 actually retained as much color information as the HC3, but the noise levels were much worse. Blue noise, too, crept in for the first time. Once again, however, the DVD505 did not have nearly the sharpness that the HC3 did.
    Overall, the HDR-HC3 had an excellent showing in low light.


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