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I *love* my Motorola Q!!!!


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  • I *love* my Motorola Q!!!!

    Just had to share. I knew at some point my old cell phone was going to need replacing, and I planned to replace it with a PDA phone because of my business (real estate). So I shopped it around for a few months, and really was thinking of the Treo. But the Treo is super expensive, almost as much as a cheap desktop computer. So I thought, okay, what's just down from that? That would be the Motorola Q.

    So I started looking into the Q. Turns out someone I work with has one, and he raved about it. And I know for a fact he gets emails on it, and takes his calendar info from it. So I knew it had what I needed on it.

    As it turns out, it has everything I wanted in the Treo. And for like $200 less. (Actually, with all the discounts and rebates and stuff the final cost to me is going to be somewhere around negative $50)

    And I can get on micechat from it! (I'm not right now, but I have done in the past couple days!)

    So yeah, if anyone's looking at phones and thinking Treo or Blackberry, seriously consider the Q. I know I absolutely love it. Oh, btw, it's a Verizon phone, btw. I'm not sure the other carriers even carry it.

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    Re: I *love* my Motorola Q!!!!

    I've heard good things about the Q but my carrier (Cingular) doesn't have it. I'm considering a Samsung Blackjack for my next phone upgrade. I really want an iPhone but they're just going to be too expensive to begin with.


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