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Need help understanding my digi cam


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  • Need help understanding my digi cam

    I tried browsing google for some answears but came up empty..I thought I could get some help...

    Is my camera any good?
    It's about a year, year and a half's a Kodak EasyShare C340 5.1Megapixel camera...

    Now I was trying to understand it a little better, what do the fallowing mean? (their effect options)

    Exposure Compensation

    Iso Speed
    ISO 80
    ISO 100
    ISO 200
    ISO 400

    Focus Zone

    Long Time Exposure
    0.7 Sec
    1.0 Sec
    1.5 Sec
    2.0 Sec
    3.0 Sec
    4.0 Sec

    Also on the bottom of the screen in the back it says this

    < 0.0 > and goes all the way up to 2.0..what is this? Is this the exposure??

    Okay now i'm just trying to understand what all of these options do and when I would need to change them

    Also, If I wanted to get a good picture at night, for instance...Say I wanted to take a picture of one of the portraits in the HM queue, what settings would I adjust my camera to get these?

    Or if I wanted to get a picture of a fountain at night, kinda know what I mean? I dont really want to kill the picture with flash, I dont like using flash unless I ultimately have too...

    Thanks so much if anybody can help me it would be great!

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    Re: Need help understanding my digi cam

    exposure compensation should make the picture lighter or darker.

    iso speed...lower ios's make a very clear picture, good for when you have a lot of light or a tripod. Higher iso's are good for low light shooting, but it can add noise.

    focus zone...I'm not sure. it sounds like you can have it center focus or multi zone cols have the camera ficus on what it wants. My daughters camera does that drives me crazy.

    long tome exposure...sounds like shutter speed. The camera would take that long to take the picture. this allows more light in for low light would also want to use a tripod.

    so, for night shooting with no flash use a higher iso and lower shutter speed, but it is very difficult to hand hold a camera at long shutter speeds. I would try the highest iso first and experiment.


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      Re: Need help understanding my digi cam

      Did you check this?


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