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DVD Burning Frustrations....Please Help


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  • DVD Burning Frustrations....Please Help

    I have a DVD Burner on my computer with the Nero program. I always use it to put my RCT3 videos on DVD but never use it to make copies. SO, I was given a DVD with footage from Disneyland with the hopes that I could copy it and send it back to the owner. The footage is just home video from the park and I don't believe the DVD has any thing that prevents it from being copied. Heck, the footage was burned onto a basic DVD+R blank DVD disc.

    So when I put this DVD into the drive, I tried to copy it onto another DVD+R disc, but it would allow me. Then I tried to copy the DVD onto a DVD+RW disc. Still wouldn't let me.

    Then I got a message saying that I can only make copies with "DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, & DVD+R9" discs. So I went to Wal-Mart and K-Mart today and they do not sell any of those discs. I even did an internet search to see if they existed and got no good results.

    Am I doing something wrong? Why can't it just copy the dang thing? Why are there so many different types of blank DVD's in the market today? Do you have any suggestions? Because I figured if the original video was burned onto a DVD+R DVD, I would have been able to copy it onto another DVD+R movie. I guess I was wrong. Please give tips because nothing is working.

    I was able to save the video to my computer though.

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    Re: DVD Burning Frustrations....Please Help

    So I just tried to get creative by using a different technique to get this film on DVD. Still didn't work. I used NeroRecode to convert the video into an MP4 movie that can play on my computer perfectly fine. I was also able to burn the video's audio onto a CD. After doing that, I put the CD back in the burner and recorded it to one of my music folders. Now I have the audio in a format other than MP4.

    I then opened up "Nero StartSmart" and opened up "NeroVision Express" so I can make a DVD. Then I imported the MP4 video file into that program so I could work on it and what not. But the video's sound keeps making cracking noise so I had to mute that and import in the audio file I just recorded off of the CD I made. Then I made the DVD menu after I tested the sound and video. After that, I burned the movie onto the DVD.

    When the burning process was done, I played the DVD. The menu worked perfect and the icon for the video was animated. So I was able to see the video footage playing in the icon on the main menu. Then I clicked on the video and it doesn't play. I just get a black screen and the audio plays.

    What am I doing wrong??? Why is this stupid task so dang complicated??? I thought it was suppost to be a simple procedure!?!?!

    Please do help. I can't keep this DVD for long and I do need to return it soon.


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      Re: DVD Burning Frustrations....Please Help

      Last night I realized I save the wrong type of video file to my computer. So I save the right video file this time and imported that file into "NeroVision Express." I burned a new DVD and IT WORKED !!!!

      Now that I got everything to work out in the end, this thread can be closed .


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