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Tell me about your digital camera.


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  • Tell me about your digital camera.

    I just returned from Walt Disney World. I came back with 10 disposable cameras, each with 39 pictures. My photo processing came to over $100. Most of my pictures were pretty good. My grandson, likes to take too many useless resort room shots. I have pictures of closets.

    My question is this. I figured, since I am off to Disneyland in 18 days, its time to buy a digital camera. I don't need a fancy once. I would like to keep the cost under $200. I played with my grandson's momma's camera a little. I like the fact that you can take the picture and see it right away, and delete it if you want, or store it. She has a memory card that will store 500, and she came back with about 350 keepers. My grandson had many pictures taken with the Star Wars characters.

    So tell me about your cameras, if it is one that I can purchase in my price range. I realize the memory cards are extra, and help me with the battery issue. She went through lots of AA batteries.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot A510. You can get it for just under $200. Here is a review with all the technical info on it.

    It's small, runs on two AA's, has a decent zoom and has a ton of shooting modes to help you get a good picture (or, if you know what you're doing, you can manually adjust aperature and focal length). You can even take some ok video with it.
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      Thanks for the great camera info

      Does anyone else want to tell me about their camers?


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        I have a Canon also- good camera- go to CNET and you can get great reviews and prices.
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          I'm not a profesional photographer and I don't play one on TV but I am a dad and a tourist who likes to take vacation snapshots. I want good automatic pictures, I don't want to have to futz with F.stops, chroma levels, flanges, or whatever. I want to point-shoot and get a good picture. I also want someting that's easy to carry and fairly rugged.

          Based on that I selected the Minolta Dimage X50

          It has a fast startup time (important for spur of the moment shots)
          A 2.8 Optical zoon (not great but it works for what I need)
          Very portable (smaller than a deck of cards)

          But most of all it just takes good pictures, inside, outside, cloudy, sunny, it just seems to work for me.
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            Nikon great for ametures and professionals....

            Coolpix camera aren't that bad right now...


            (it's the upgrade of my current camera... and it is not bad..)


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              Everyone is always so helpful on MiceChat. Thanks for the links. I am probably going to spend the rest of the week, researching cameras, and hope to purchase one either this weekend or next.



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                I returned my Canon :cry: and bought the Sony A60. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. My friend just bought the Canon A510 and loves it. Olympus makes great digi camereas too. (but Best Buy didn't have any!)

                The li-ion batteries are better than the double A, but they have rechargable AA batteries that are supposed to be all right. I bought a kit w/recharg batteries and a charger. The person helping you at the store should be able to set you up
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                  Barbaraan, I'd love to help, but my Kodak model is several years old. In fact, I think I'll listen in on the conversation in case I want to trade up.
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                    I have two olympus digital cameras. One is 1.5 mega pixel and the other one is 3 megapixel. I love them both. The features on the older one are more user friendly, but the newer on makes excellent prints. My last DL trip i took 150 next digital camera will be a canon SLR. It's sitting just under a grand right now, but the one thing I hate about my digital camera is they sre point and shoot. I prefer a SLR..

                    both of the olympus camera were under $300


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                      I have only had Sony's for Digital Cameras so far, though I've heard great things about the Canons. I would like to offer some experience with warranty. The first Sony we got (DSC-P71 3.2 mp) we bought from Circuit City and purchased the 2 year service contract. When there was a problem with the camera not being able to read the memory stick, we took it back to Circuit City and requested service on it. It took 4 months and non-stop battles, letter writing, and phone calls until they would finally agree to repair or replace it - major, major hassle. They kept insisting it was our fault the camera wouldn't read any memory stick. Don't know how we managed to do that. Finally, they replaced it and that one was eventually handed down to kid #1, and we purchased the second, a Sony (DSC-P150 7.2 mp) - this time from BestBuy with a 2 yr. service contract. Well, kid #2 was at Wrigley field, got caught up in the excitement during the process of shooting a picture, and dropped it, smashing the lens. Obviously our fault, but we took it to BestBuy anyway to see what they would say. They sent it to their repair dept. and we received the repaired camera back within 2 weeks. Lesson learned: won't be purchasing from Circuit City any time soon when we can get it from Best Buy.

                      I just wanted to add that. Oh, and both cameras are awesome, but the P71 is definitely cheaper - if they still make it.


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                        I have the Canon A400 and I love it. It's small enough to fit in my pocket and takes great pictures. My ONLY complaint, and it's minor is that sometimes it doesn't reset for the next picture quick enough.

                        You can see about the camera here:

                        It also just uses AA Batteries ... I won't buy a camera that doesn't. The specialty batteries are too expensive.

                        I also suggest if you are a costco member get the panasonic rechargable battery kit. That's what we have and have never had a problem with battery life. At least 100 - 150 pictures per charge. Plus it comes with a car charger for the batteries.

                        Feel free to check out my photo page (the link is in my signature) for some examples of shots taken with the camera.
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                          My Wife and I have a nikon Coolpix 4300 4 pixel. And I just picked up the Nikon S1 (almost the size of 4 creditcards) so far easy to use and nice to handle easy downloads and corrections. This my experience it has been good so far.
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                            I have a Canon PowerShot S45 and I absolutely love it. I bought it three years ago, I got it at about $500 but it takes excellent pictures. It's very easy to use for both beginners and professionals. Lots of features and it uses CompactFlash which is cheaper than most memory cards.

                            Speaking of digital cameras, do you guys know if there's a place Disneyland where you can get you pics from the memory card to a CD or something? This was recently added to WDW, is it available in DLR?


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                              I have two digital cameras - one is a Sony DSC V1 (which they don't make anymore - I believe the DSC W5 or W7 is comparable) and a Canon S1 IS. My mom has a Sony DSC P9 which I have had some experience with as well.

                              I haven't shopped for a digital camera in several months, but what you buy depends on what you want to use the camera for. Aside from just pictures, many of the digital cameras now do pretty decent digital video. If that is something that might interest you, be sure to look into how much memory you will need. Sony cameras use memory sticks and they are more expensive than compact flash (Canon, and others).

                              My Canon S1 IS is rather large, but a pretty good camera. It takes nice pictures and has good flash coverage. One reason that I bought it was for its video capabilities. It takes very nice video (although it gets grainy when it's dark) it has a 10x optical zoom and you can zoom in and out while shooting video - most digital cameras designed for still photos do not allow you to change the zoom while filming.

                              For pictures, I prefer the Sony cameras. They seem to have slightly better clarity and sharpness than the Canon (and more megapixels). On the downside, the flash on my Sony DSC V1 is weird - it doesn't go very far, and it seems to enhance red eye. It does have a cool infrared night vision feature which I actually use fairly often. Sony's take nice video as well.

                              If you just want something small that will take good pictures, the Sony P series cameras are great.

                              As some people noted, batteries are another thing to consider. In my case, the Sony's use special lithium ion batteries which recharge fairly quickly. My Canon uses AA's which is nice because if they go dead you can buy them pretty much anywhere. I use Maxell rechargeables which hold their charge quite well, but take a very long time to recharge.

                              If you don't mind going with a used camera, in many cases you can get good deals on ebay from people who are upgrading their cameras. Ebay is also a great place to buy memory cards - just be sure to buy those new, as memory cards can and do go bad.

                              I hope that helps - at least I hope I didn't make your choice more confusing. :blush:
                              Good luck!
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