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For people who know anything about Macbooks


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  • For people who know anything about Macbooks

    Okay... so I have to get a mac for college because the program I am using is made for a mac. I've had Dells all my life and was just looking for some help from someone who knows something about Macs.

    I found a macbook for sale in my local classifieds. It has "2 gigs of ram and a 120 gb hard drive" and is in good condition but has "a few scuffs." What would you be willing to pay? My brother's friend told me to avoid anything with damage.... I'm going to look at it tomorrow and was just kind wondering what I should offer.

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    Re: For people who know anything about Macbooks

    For some reason... I can't figure out on eBay how to show ended items anymore... that would give you a ballpark of what they go for, although eBay tends to be inflated on its used computer prices.

    I would say if the computer isen't more than a year of so old, it would be worth anywhere from $700-1000 depending on condition. Does it have the G4 processor or the newer Intel chips? Do they have all the original software with it? (If you have to zero out the drive you'll need it to reinstall the OS).

    Be sure to start up the computer cold. Listen to the startup sequence. Make sure you hear the start up "chime." Watch for any delays in the start up... does the screen do anything weird when it comes on? Are there any dead pixels? Color good?

    Run the keyboard and track pad through its paces. Open up a word processing program if it has one and do some test typing to make sure all the keys work. Drag some stuff around the desktop. Does the track pad respond? Is there any lag in the movement?

    Open some of the programs on the computer. See how quickly they open, if there are any problems. If you can get online, that would be good to check response on that too. Check the battery indicator. Do a shut down and restart and check the response.

    If you had a diagnostic disk handy that would be cool... and the computer should of come with a hardware check disk... but that might be a bit more than you want to get into.

    Thats about all I can think of off the top of my head... we have a few Mac people around who might have more ideas.

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      Re: For people who know anything about Macbooks

      Wow! you have no idea how much your advise helps. Thank you


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