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computer game question

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  • computer game question

    I have a question: regarding the computer game "the sims"

    specifically the mac version.

    when characters are conversing with each other, it is garbled and unintelligible.

    is this because of political correctness and that the programmer(s) did not want to offend anyone? or is it a mixture of actual words and phrases made into a simulated conversation?

    or did they send me the non-english version???????

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    Re: computer game question

    It's the special sim language. "Simlish"

    Some find it charming, I don't. I find it crazy and annoying. My wife likes it though. It was made so that dialog wouldn't be repetitive and to avoid the cost of translators for dialog.

    all you want to know here:
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      Re: computer game question

      yo josh, thanks!!!!!