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Need assistance with a virus


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  • Need assistance with a virus

    background: my main computer at home crashed, and I don't have the money for a new one at the moment. A friend of mine recently upgraded his system and offerred me his old computer as a temporary solution. It's a great computer for being a few years old, tons of memory, etc. I could be perfectly content with this for another year or two probably.

    It needed a little bit of maintanence when i got it and the computer consultant where i work offered to take a look at it for me. He upgraded it to Windows XP, installed the latest version of Norton, cleaned out all the crap (spyware, viruses, etc), and installed a new modem (all free of charge).

    It worked great for a couple of days until Norton discovered a virus. Whatever the virus is it can't seem to get rid of it. I asked my computer guy about it and he told me I had to run the computer in safe mode to delete the virus (this was confirmed when i went to the Norton site in search of answers and directions). I tried this, but it still could not delete the virus.

    Almost everything seems to work fine, I just knwo that I have this virus there that I can't seem to get rid of. The one function that I can't perform though is connecting to the internet. The virus has done something to the modem (also the reason my computer guy replaced the original one).

    does anyone have any other suggestions on dealing with this nuisance virus?

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    Re: Need assistance with a virus

    If possible, take it back and have him install Windows XP clean. Even 'removing' spyware, and other stuff generally leaves traces around, and doing it as an 'upgrade' is a big no-no. Mos toperating system 'upgrades' generally leave you with worse performance. Have him format the drive, and start over fresh, or do it yourself.
    -Monorail Man


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