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Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?


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  • Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?

    I have mine preordered.. should be arriving tomorrow.

    I bought the family pac as I have 3 macs at home

    Anybody else getting it?
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    Re: Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?

    Nope. Need a new Mac first. Whatever I get new should have Leopard installed. I'm gonna have to wait.


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      Re: Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?

      BTW, the first 500 customers at select (or maybe all?) stores get a free T-shirt! I think you have to buy Leopard though.
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        Re: Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?

        Family Pack on pre-order as well; should arrive tomorrow AM. We now have five macs (eight if you count the three hiding in the Closet of Superseded Technology) including my laptop, into which I just installed a brand new hard drive this afternoon. The original lasted about four years, so I can't complain too much.

        But oh the joy of all those little tiny Phillips screws... :sweat:
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          Re: Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?

          Went to the Apple store in Sacramento last night and picked up my copy of Leopard. Got my free shirt too. They were giving them out as you enter the store, even if you were just browsing.

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            Re: Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?

            I work for Apple so i got my NFR on Thursday and put it on my Powerbook. I usually wait, but i had a training class to brush up for the next day. I like it, it's better than Tiger, but it's not the holy grail Jobs hyped it to be. Time Machine and Spaces are gravy though!
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              Re: Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?

              Gonna have to wait for the upgrade too. I will by purchasing new Mac by the end of the year (fingers crossed). Let us know what you all think of the the new OS


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                Re: Is anyone else getting Leopard tomorrow?

                Just a heads up for those of you who are doing the upgrade.

                From Eweek:

                Leopard Has More Holes Than Spots

                Security has slipped backwards on the evolutionary ladder in Apple's latest Mac OS X release, security researchers say, with Leopard's firewall having more holes than its namesake cat has spots.

                "The short answer is the Leopard firewall is ... ugly and a step backwards from 10.4," said Rich Mogull, an independent security consultant and founder of Securosis LLC.

                The first security hole is that Leopard's firewall turns itself off by default on installation—even if a user had the firewall turned on before upgrading. That choice flies in the face of what Microsoft has done with Vista, for example: harden security by shipping the operating system with security measures on by default. Security researchers are also chagrined that Leopard only allows a choice between allow all, deny all, or pick by application; and that it completely hides the firewall rules in a black box that isn't user accessible, Mogull told eWEEK. Even worse, a security researcher from Heise Security has found that the configuration of "block all" does anything but that—meaning that the firewall essentially can't be trusted.

                Another issue with Leopard is that, although the newest Mac operating system still includes the open-source firewall ipfw, it needs to be manually configured at the command line.

                (it's a long article but this give you the idea. Click the link at the top to read the whole thing).
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