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MiceChat advertising crashed my browser


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  • MiceChat advertising crashed my browser

    I’ve been reading MiceChat for years. I started reading it in 2000 during California Adventure’s construction (was it MouseAge then?). It makes me very sad to see the amount of advertising that’s been creeping in to the pages. So much so it actually crashed Safari on my iPhone once. MiceChat has the most trackers of any website I visit (87), according to the new Safari’s privacy pane.

    i completely understand a website needing to be funded and run advertising. But I would encourage you to rethink the way you present your advertising. Sometimes it’s hard tell what’s part of the article and what’s an ad. Also the articles are so dense with ads - as I said above - it can crash a browser.

    Love your articles and authors! It’s a great site otherwise!

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    Had the same problem. I was using it on a work pc that had employee monitoring software(worktime) installed
    I switched to using my home pc and everything was okay. Maybe you have simillar situation.


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