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Problems w/Disney DVD tech. depart-ANYONE ELSE?


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  • Problems w/Disney DVD tech. depart-ANYONE ELSE?

    I thought I would write this up to ask if anyone else has had problems with these people & maybe to warn anyone who may contact them.

    Now, so I had kept their email address on file FOR FUTURE USE JUST IN CASE. I wrote up an email with ALL NECESSARY info on the problem, all the numbers on the DVD PLUS MY NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS & SCANNED OVER THE CASH REGISTER RECEIPT TO SHOW I DID PURCHASE THE DVD & WAS BEING HONEST.

    I also sent all of this, EXCEPT FOR THE SCAN OF THE RECEIPT OF COURSE, through their website.

    I had a couple of other contacts which were no help-like giving me the phone number again WHEN ALL INFO WAS PROVIDED.

    So, they never sent a replacement not that form to return your DVD to them to get a replacement.


    I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint & provided all the errors DVD technical did. WOULD IT SURPRISE ANYONE THEY HAVE YET TO REPLY TO THE COMPLAINT?

    If anyone here has any problems I hope maybe this post will warn you to be prepared for no help, errors & mistakes.

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    Re: Problems w/Disney DVD tech. depart-ANYONE ELSE?

    I had problem with my Ratatoulie DVD, one day it just stopped working. Haven't even thought about contacting them though..


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      Re: Problems w/Disney DVD tech. depart-ANYONE ELSE?

      I never had any problems with them when I spoke to them on the phone back in December about my Swiss Family Robinson DVD (need a replacement disc). They transferred me to tech support, I'd already tried various solutions to the problem, they went down the list of solutions, and they agreed that I needed a replacement disc. I received a mailer for my disc a couple weeks later. I haven't mailed the disc in yet, though (my fault, not theirs, I've just been tied up with other things), but I'm sure once I do I'll get my replacement disc just fine.

      Basically, there's a format to doing this sort of thing. It's like taking your car to a mechanic. You have to check various possible solutions and see if they work first before you can go for the final one, which is usually either a disc replacement or a refund. Don't get all self-important and emotional, don't start thinking that you're special and deserve celebrity treatment (because you don't; sure, you're a customer, but you're one of millions, and these folks talk to hundreds if not thousands of people every day who think their problem is just as important as yours), just be patient, go through the routine, WRITE THINGS DOWN (like what to check or phone numbers or addresses you need), and work with them on solving the problem.

      Also, while you may have given them all the info by email, it's possible that this particular problem was delegated by Disney management to be handled person-to-person by a tech support group that handles it by phone (they may need to walk you through the process live in order to do it right). Don't get upset, just call the phone number. That is, of course, if you really want your problem solved. If you're more interested in throwing a temper tantrum and stamping your feet and pouting because this problem wasn't handled by email, you can continue doing that, of course. It's your choice.


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